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TF2009 - DC Direct
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Dark Night Returns Product Wall

Wordl of Warcraft series 4, 5 and deluxe figures

World of Warcraft packaged figures - 3 types of figures

Alliance Hero: Lo’Gosh, Scourge Ghoul: Rottingham and Night Elf Hunter: Alathena Moonbreeze with Sorna

Illidan (Demon Form)

Gangris Riverpaw and Tuskarr: Tavru Akua

Murloc: Fish-eye and Gibbergill, Succubus Demon: Amberlash and Lady Vashj

Hot Toys: The Dark Knight 12-inch figures

Arkham Poker Set

Movie Poker Set

DC Direct Statue and Bust Wall Display

Adam Hughes Cover Girls statue series

Women of the DCU Bust series

1/2 scale Harley Quin

Power Ring prop

1/4 scale Hal Jordan Green Lantern statue

Hal Jordan close up

Ch'p (is removable from the base)

Heroes of the DCU Bust series

Trinity bookends

1/2 scale Catwoman

Superman/Darkseid busts

Batman/GreenLantern busts

Batman Black and White statue series

Ed McGuiness Batman Black and White statue

David Mazzuchelli Batman Black and White statue

Wonder Woman DVD Maquette

13in display

13in Wonder Woman

13in Wonder Woman close up

13in Wonder Woman close up

13in Super Girl

13in Sandman- First in the 13in Absolute series

13in Jay Garrick Flash

13in Zatanna

13in Zatanna close up

Rabbit in a Hat accessory

13in Zatanna

Dark Knight Returns 2pk book set

DKR Batman, Joker repaints

JLA (Benes) Box set

JLA Green Lantern

JLA Superman

JLA Wonder Woman

JLA Batman

Arkham Asylum box set

Identity Crisis - Re release

Wall of Watchmen

Rorschach Grappling Gun, Mask

Owl Man (has a tiny) Ship

Watchemen series 1

New Gods series 2

History of the DCU series 1

HDC Blue Devil

HDC Manhunter (Simonson)

HDC Batman

HDC Green Arrow

HDC2 Black Lightning

HDC2 Creeper, Aquaman and Black Lightning

HDC2 Creeper

HDC2 Flash (Barry)

JLA Classified re-release

JSA series 1

JSA Sandman

JSA Green Lantern (Alan)