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TF2009 - LEGO
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Racers Jump Riders

Space Police Display

SP Galactic Enforcer

SP Gold Heist

SP Freeze Ray Frenzy

SP Squidman's Escape

SP Hyperspeed Pursuit

SP Container Heist

SP Gold Heist

SP Figures

SP Statue Vandal

Lego Castle Display

LC Drawbridge Defense

LC King's Battle Chariot

LC Troll's Dark Fortress

LC Drawbridge Defense

Lego Agents 2.0

LA Aerial Defense Unit

LA 4-Wheeling Pursuit

LA River Heist

LA Robo Attack

LA Gold Tooth's Getaway

Mindstorms Display

Lego Fridge

Mindstorms Robots

Technic Display

Lego Creator Display

Lego Creator Display

Lego City Display

Advent Ciuty Calendar

Lego City Center

Lego City Garage

Lego City Helicopter Transporter

Lego City Display

Duplo Display

Duplo Thomas the Tank Engine

Duplo City Display

Bowl O' Parts

Lego Power Miners Sign

Bionicle Sign

Power Miners Creature

Lego City Loiterer