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WonderCon2012 Floor Pics
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Welcome to WonderCon!

Cosplay Photobooth

Lenzi following the Doctors

Gender Bending Doctor Whos

Gizmo has been in the chili again

SUPER RARE Mego Planet of the Apes poster - Check out the $2000 price tag

OMFG display

Loose OMFG


St. Patricks Chewbacca

R2 unit

R2 Unit

Batgirl manquin

Harley Manquin

Catwoman Manquin

Magnetic action figure displays

Magnetic action figure displays

Magnetic action figure displays

Cheepest Action Figures in the world

This guy billed this as "the worst comic book in the world"

The Quantum Mechanics Booth

QMx Enterprise Replica

Bridge Aboreum

Shuttle bay with landing lights

Main saucer

photon torpedo bays

BSG replicas

BSG stein

BSG Cylon

BSG Stein

BSG replica

Firefly Wash maquette

Firefly Serenity

Warehouse 13 Claudia maquette

ST Phaser replica

QMx Dr. Horrible products

QMx Dr. Horrible products

QMx Star Trek products

Doctor Who cosplay

BSG Viper Replica

ST Phaser replica

QMx T-shirts

QMx Firefly prints


Gentle Giant booth