logoI hope all of you Dads out there had a great Father’s Day and Father’s Day weekend.   I know I did!  We do a bit of reminiscing on our dads in this episode and their influence on our geekdom in this episode.  My dad and his music, Jason’s dad and movies and both dad’s relationship to technology now.

We both saw Man of Steel over the weekend so we’ll be bringing you our thoughts on that in next week’s episode.


This week we discuss:

  • Daniel hit E3 last week and got his hands on the Playstation 4 as well as some highly anticipated games such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Lego Marvel Super Heroes and more!
  • – Also in E3 news we talk about the next gen console wars and who “won” and who “lost this first round.
  • – ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Moving Forward with Writer. (also check out the ‘Dangerous Days’
  • – The Science Fiction Film Awards from 1978 has finally been posted up on YouTube.  And it’s AMAZING.
  • – Terminator 5 starts filming early 2014.
  • – Daniel caught up and  saw “Cloud Atlas” and “Zero Dark Thirty”
  • ‘Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa’  has a trailer.
  • – Mego Meet 2013  ‘Snyderman’ exclusive Mego action figure
  • – Mr Spielberg and Mr. Lucas think some big ideas about what the future of the film industry will look like.
  • – The crazy woman at Dunkin’ Donuts (NOT Safe for Work!!) video.
  • – If you’re like Jason and don’t know about “Grumpy Cat” here’s a crash course so you can get ready for the feature film.
All that an much more!   Give it a listen, won’t you?   And if you like it/us head over to iTunes and toss us a quick review.    We’ll give you a shout out if you do!

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