Workin’ on MLK day bringing you another fine episode of the ‘Geek Shall Inherit’ podcast.  Episode 006 is now live here and on itunes for your listening pleasure.  I called this the “plug episode” as Jason accuses me of plugging a lot of things during the recording, but it’s really just the debut of our new feature “Things We Are Excited About”

In this episode:

  • Jason talks about the upcoming Complete James Bond Blu-Ray collection
  • Daniel and Jason give you their picks on who should perform the 50th Anniversary James Bond theme.
  • Daniel (and Siri) give you the details on “An Evening With Adam West.”
  • Daniel is excited about the return of Valiant Comics.
  • Daniel gives you the details on Season 2 of SyFy’s Face-Off.
  • In light of the newly announced Masters of the Universe Classics schedule delays from Mattel Jason and Daniel give you some insights into what can go wrong with product and dealing with factories.
  • And More!


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