Happy Monday all!  We are back with another new show with a whole new roster of topics across the pop culture spectrum.  Jason’s voice sounds much better this episode so no more “Lauren Bacall” voice. In this episode Daniel and Jason discuss:


  •  Jason went on a mini-vacation and saw some movies, including “The Muppets.”   Did he like it as much as Daniel?
  • Star Wars: Episode 1 made $22.5M  in it’s opening weekend.  It was only in top 10 for the it’s first 2 weeks of release.  Some EP1 stuff already on clearance.
  • A fan made trailer for ‘John Carter‘ is better than anything Disney has put out for the film up to this point.
  • Is Kevin Smith’s ‘Comic Book Men‘ show doing more harm than good for geek culture?
  • And the guys tackle a reader question of: Do you think generic action figure lines can survive in the long term?
  • All that and more in Episode 12 of Geek Shall Inherit!


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