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Well, it was bound to happen.  For almost a full year, 42 episodes Daniel has been able to keep his dark secret from Jason.   He knew he couldn’t keep it from him forever and he was right.  The ugly truth comes out… and it doesn’t go well…

Things do eventually calm down and we are able to carry on and rationally discuss other things like new toys they have found in stores and what Jason will be at Halloween this year.

All that, PLUS-

  • Hasbro eyes Monopoly, Hungry Hippos movies.
  • David Tennant gets a World’s Record for Doctor Who.
  • Star Wars Angry Birds – that’s a thing now.
  • Last year Jason wrote a blog talking about how he had be searching for a bendy figure he saw as a child, 20+ years ago, while visiting the England with his family.  Last week an AFi reader gave him a tip and now another”White Whale” – the bendy Captain Kremmen is in his collection.
  • A slew of new 007 toys are hitting in honor of the 50th Anniversary: remote control cars in 3 different scales with lights and sound from Toy State Industrial, Corgi is of course doing an Aston Martin in SKYFALL packaging, and Suntory in Japan is doing a set of 15 vehicles from the films in 2 different scales.  Jason brought in one of the RC Bond cars for us to play with while we recorded this episode.
  • Also, Procter and Gamble is doing ‘007’ cologne.
  • Adele’s SKYFALL song
  • James Bond’s swimsuit sold for more than you’d thing a used bathing suit might go for last week at auction.
  • Jason got maybe the most awesome pen ever from his friend Eric.  Here’s the pen.  And here’s what it does!
  • JOHN CARTER- From the ‘lost’ file, someone is actually coming out with Halloween costume accessories: JC’s sword, a Thark sword and the Thern medallion. All between 6-9 bucks each.
  • Disney just released their Vinylmation set of 4 characters from ‘JC’.
  • Jason’s documentary pick up the week – TALIHINA NIGHTS-THE STORY OF KINGS OF LEON – Amazing doc about the band.
  • THE BEATLES- Magical Mystery Tour hits BluRay this week.
  • And, because NO ONE demanded it…but we do talk about it this episode.. here is the “lost” Buckner and Garcia song “E.T. I Love You.”

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