Another new episode this week, and it’s the real deal, not some Canadian Airwolf… what’s Canadian Airwolf you ask?  Listen to this episode and we will tell you.

Christmas came early to us pop culture fans in the form of the new Iron Man III teaser trailer.  So that has to be the first order of business for us, then we get into some badly staged improv, ask the age old question “are you more of a Munsters kid or an Adams Family kid and things just take off from there.  Plus, in an GSi first Jason shares a recipe with our listeners.  So, jot that down and give it a try!

We’re keeping all of our east coast friends and listeners in our thoughts this week as you face hurricane Sandy.  Everyone stay dry and safe, and grab the new podcast episode before you lose power.  Then you can listen to our dulcet tones by candlelight.  Stay safe!

This week we discuss:

All that an much more!

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