We can’t slow down this train!  Just because we had a super-sized anniversary episode last week, doesn’t mean we can just rest on out laurels this week.  We have another all new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast loaded with pop culture goodness!

We have SUCH a cool interview in this episode that is one of a kind!  At the Dark Knight Legacy event two weeks ago I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the men who built the bookend of TV/Movie Batmobiles.   I had a conversation with George Barris who designed and built the 66′ Batman Batmobile and Andy Smith who built the Tumbler (and had a hand in the 89 Batmobile) from the Chris Nolan Dark Knight trilogy… together.  Both men, these… bookends of Batmobiles from classic to modern talk together about their craft and what went into their designs, processes and cars.  This was a huge thrill for me to talk to these two men as a huge fan of both of those versions of Batman. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did to interview these visionary designers and legends in their field.

And, of course, this week we are back to our usual shenanigans of discussing all of the previous weeks pop culture topics!

In this episode we cover:

  • – Jason  does a bit of ‘show and tell’ with a slew of new BiffBangPow! products that have just been released from Doctor Who, The Twilight Zone and Battlestar Galactica: journals, tumblers, K-9 retro figure, etc.
  • – Discovery Channel cancels “Dirty Jobs”
  • –  New casting news from Xmen: Days of Future Past and  Spider-Man 2.
  • – New posters for Man of Steel and Star Trek 2
    -Our thoughts on the new Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer
  • – Bill Murry “in” for Ghostbusters 3?
  • – Jason recommends Paranorman and and MIB 3.
  • – Jason makes a weird discovery of  “slash-fic” from… THE LORAX?!?!?
  • -“Hobbit Vomit”
  • – Justice League Movie – Darkseid rumored as the villain
  • – DC Collectibles new Injustice 3.75″ figures
  • – George Barris/Andy Smith Batmobile Interview
  • – HBO’s  ‘Rolling Stones: Crossfire Hurricane” documentary.


All that and more in Episode 51 of Geek Shall Inherit!

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