logo Happy MLK Day everyone.  I hope most of you have the day off and will be able to have a short work week ahead.  A long weekend makes us all “as happy as a clam at a clam convention.”

To kick things off we have a few corrections from the last episode.   We’ve recorded over 56 hours of original, unscripted talk and every so often something comes out of our mouths that’s just… off.   That happened last week, so we clean it up here.  I know it was the 20lb gorilla in the room… wait… what? Crap.  I did it again!


In this episode we cover:

  • – The Golden Globes – Jason hit some after parties.  Who did he run into?
  • – Daniel is playing the Simpsons: Tapped Out app. on his iPhone.
  • –  Everything or Nothing James Bond documentary.
  • – What we watched last week: Frankenwennie, Ruby Sparks, Ted
  • – Why does every US show need a brit in the lead role?
  • – Sons of Anarchy 1:18th scale bikes from Maisto.
  • – Minimates Battle Beasts wave 1 from DST shipping this week.
  • – A new Pink Floyd documentary
  • – A little new information on a possible Star Wars TV show.
  • – Statement from Hasbro on the future of Star Wars figures.
  • – Disney announces Disney Infinity video game (a PRE-correction – when talking about this game I mention “the duck from Phineas and Ferb” – Dunno why I said that.  It’s a platypus, not a duck)
  • – Guillermo Del Toro working on the Justice League Dark Movie
  • – The end of ‘FRINGE’

All that and much more!

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