logo Hi everyone.  Sorry we’re a bit late this week with the new episode, but that life thing keeps happening all around us despite our best efforts to live exactly how we wish to.   But we still got in a full 90 minute episode for the week and have enough topics that we didn’t get to for next weeks episode!

We get a little unexpected p0litical in this episode, but it’s as a result of a pop culture event.    As always your mileage may vary.

We both saw Star Trek Into Darkness so we can finally talk about it.  We save that discussion for the very end of the episode so if you would prefer not to have to movie spoiled for you then just shut us off before we start talking about that.  We give you fair warning in the episode.


In this episode we cover:

  • – Lucasfilm announces new “Star Wars Rebels” animated series.
  • – Blur is recording a new album.
  • – Arnold S in a Toxic Avengers remake?
  • – Johnathan Rhys Meyers  is rumored to be in talks for ‘Star Wars’ episode VII.
  • – ’24’ coming back to Fox this summer.
  • – Show cancellations announced this past week.
  • – New trailer for ‘Agents of SHIELD’ on ABC.
  • – The Doctor Who season finale melted our brains!
  • – Jason watching series 2 of BBC Americas ‘The Hour’.
  • – Man of Steel figures.  Where are they?  Why does Target hate Superman so much?
  • – Xbox One Announced to the world.
  • – Steven Spielberg Halo TV series on Xbox Live
  • – New full Batman Arkham Origins trailer is sweet.
  • – Our spoiler filled discussion of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

All that and more on episode 073 of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!

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