logoHey everyone – Happy Independence Day week for you US listeners.   I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July.   Jason and I are both traveling this week.  I’m in Amer’cas heartland and Jason is overseas.   Today I ate my weight in BBQ and then went and bought $100 in fireworks that are covered in popular copyright infringed characters so, God bless America!

We’re in much better spirits this week having worked through our “Man of Steel” emotions.   Thanks to everyone that wrote in with your thoughts and opinions, no matter where you landed with the film.

Comic Con is coming up on us FAST and I just and my very first Comic Con anxiety dream of 2013 about one of my panels so it looks like I’m right on track!   I’ll save it and talk about it in our next episode so it gives you a little something to look forward to.

And now on with the show…

In this episode we discuss:

– The ‘Super Moon’

– Cast-a-way and ZICA have started a Mego kickstarter to redo the Mego Type-2 body for the 21ts century.

The Amanda Palmer TED talk

–  The Beatles – Help! [Blu-ray] now out on Blu-Ray!

– Congratulations to our ‘Listener of the Week’ –  Kevin Mayle!

–  Happy birthday home gaming!  Last week in 1972 – Atari was founded.  Also the legendary “Atari Dump”/landfill  being excavated for an upcoming documentary.

– Jason finally saw Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope documentary.

– Daniel saw ‘World War Z’

– Henry Cavil says “Justice League” movie is not “around the corner”

– Crazy Man of Steel/Superman connection

– Why do people think Pacific Rim will be the next Battleship?

–  Daniel is watching Deadwood with the Mrs.

– Mad Men season ender

–  A TON more San Diego Comic Con exclusives from BifBangPow! and Gentle Giant ltd.

Source Horsemen – the new website for the Four Horsemen design studio.

– Passing of Richard Matheson

– Death of Gary David Goldberg

All that and more in episode 79 of The Geek Shall Inherit!


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