logoWe’re back!   Both Jason and I are back from our travels and we’ve managed to squeeze in a podcast before San Diego Comic Con International 2013 starts tomorrow evening.   If you’re one of the folks that live close enough to drive to SDCC why don’t you throw on this hear podcast to help you pass the time.  It’s a good 90 minutes of pop culture appetizer before the 5 day geek feast that is Comic Con. And this might just be Jason’s 10 anniversary at the con… the ballots are still being counted.


In this episode we discuss:

  • – All new ActionFigureInsider.com website
  • – Daniel saw “Pacific Rim”
  • – Jason’s UK trip
  • – Blockbusters that are “tanking “– White House Down, Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim.
  • – Beware the Batman getting mixed reviews from it’s first episode.
  • – The Four Horsemen Ravens Kickstarter funded fully in 57 hours!!!
  • – Daniel already has his mits on some of Mattel’s 66 Batman stuff.
  • – Listener of the week –  Birthday Boy – Chris Height!
  • – Fox ordered a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen pilot. and Alan Moore is thrilled by the idea!
  • – Netflix in talks for more ‘Arrested Development.’
  • – Daniel tried to watch “The Bridge” and “Under the Dome”
  • – Jason ran into Sean Pertwee and Suggs from Madness… and got a little starstruck.
  • – In the UK there’s such a thing as a Flash Gordon “Quote Along” – We need this in Los Angeles ASAP!!
  • – BifBangPow! picks up the SNL license.

All that and much, much more!

See you at the con!


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