logoIt’s hard doing a (mostly) weekly show.  You gather up all the topics, the hot button issues the news of the week, you record, get the episode in the can… and then some MAJOR news story drops that you want to talk about. Then what do you do?  Wait a week (or more) and talk about it after the fact?  Or mobilize and chat while the news is still fresh?

I think you all might have heard some genre movie casting news this week that threatened to burn the internet to the ground.   Maybe you guys heard something about it?

Our original intention was for this to be a mini episode, just 15-20 minutes.  There was just so much to say on the topic that we ended up discussing it for 50 minutes!   So it’s a bonus full episode for you this week.   Enjoy!


If you somehow have missed some of the discussion on this topic here is some additional suggested reading:

Here’s an interesting fan made trailer that is making the rounds.

Forbes has an article entitled “6 Reasons the Internet is Wrong About Ben Affleck

Here is the “Internet Reacts to The Casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker” article that I pulled those quotes from in the episode.

Here’s what Zack Snyder says about the casting of Affleck as Batman.

There’s your bonus episode and we’ll still have a new episode on Monday!

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