logoSorry it’ been a bit long between episodes but Jason and I both had to fly out of the country this past week so we could attend the Kanye/Kim wedding.   Well, I was attending, Jason was heading up the catering.   But a good time was had by all, and no expense was spared for this third sham wedding for Kim Kardasian and her baby daddy!   Actually, the delay was technical difficulties that we should have worked out now and we’ll be back on track.

We recorded this episode over a week ago, but are just now able to deliver it.  There was a LOT of geek news to cover that week, that might seem like old news now, but I like to think our perspective on it will all be a fresh take…   I don’t know of that’s true at all, but I like to think that.

Enough of reading this, let’s get to the meat of the podcast!


In this episode we discuss:

SW Ep 7 cast announced and picture released.

SW Episode 7 rumored working title- The Ancient Fear

Justice League Movie coming after Superman vs. Batman

Richard Linkletter – Boyhood trailer

‘Alan Partridge 2’ film green lit

Almost Human cancelled by Fox (Boooooooo!)

Billy Crystal’s ‘700 Sundays’ is a surprisingly good time.

NBC’s ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ mini series and new sitcom ‘Undateable’

Season premiere of LOUIE nearly had Jason rolling with laughter.

VEEP new series on HBO

Derek back for season 2 on Netflix 5/30

Documentaries- ‘Beware of Mr. Baker’ and ‘The Summit’

‘Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel’ comedy film,

Sideshow Toys – 1:6th R2 figure (Daniel bought one)

Got the new Dr Who 3.75″ figure at Wondercon

Mattel announces some SDCC ExclusivesNECA too

Found the NECA Simpsons figures of The Who and Mark Hammil

Jason got a ‘classic’ collectible this week of DangerMouse

Snagged two TF4 figs pre-street date.

New Star Wars Black reveals

All that an more in Episode 104!



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