logoIf you are someone that covers comic con in the media, just because SDCC ends after 5 days doesn’t mean it’s over.   I’m still slogging through getting coverage put up.   ALL my photos are live right here, but I still have some videos and interviews that are coming.  That also means this episode is going up about a week later than I wanted to post it. So to make it up to you this is a longer episode. A lot happened and there’s a lot of stuff to talk about from both of our experiences and all the new reveals, so this will be another 90 minute episode.

Comic Con was great (but HOT) again this year.  Thank you to everyone that came up to us at the con and said you dig the show.  We really appreciate that.  We hope you all had a grand time too and didn’t get stuck in too many long lines.  I know that can start to suck the life out of you!

We’re back now, so let’s get to it! Cuz “it’s a fun day.”

In this episode we cover:

Also I said I would post the video for Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”

All that a more in a all new episode!

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