logoWe are NOT at New York Comic Con this weekend… but we wish we were.   At least I THINK we wish we were.  There was a report published on Thursday that NYCC had surpassed SDCC in attendance.  And not just by a little, by something like 20,000 people!    They say there are roughly 130,000 + people allowed in the  San Diego Convention center each year for SDCC now.   NYCC at the Javits is said to have 150,000+ and from the reports I’m reading today… it’s still fun.   It’s not the beating that SDCC has become.  The Javits Center has a very different layout than SDCC and they don’t have all of Hollywood right up the road ready to caravan every possible genre project to the show, so maybe they have found the best of both worlds in the Big Apple.   It will be interesting to see the changes in both shows over the next 2-3 years.   We have lots of coverage and pictures of the con, so many it will feel like you are there, right here over on AFi.


This week we discuss:

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