logoSorry this episode is a little later than expected.  I’ve been a bit busy trying to rally 40,000 collectors to make their voice heard by Toys R Us over this Breaking Dad toy controversy.    It’s taken up a lot of my week, but it’s been well worth it as we have quadruple the signatures that the FloridaMom got on her “outrage” petition.   I’m SURE will will talk about this next episode as Jason knows a thing or two about “outraged” moms getting figures pulled out of Toys R Us.

Next weekend is the big Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo here in Los Angeles.   I was supposed to go and cover it for AFi, but instead I’m traveling back home for my grandfather’s 90th birthday celebration.   This will be the first year that I will miss Comikaze, but hey, a man only turns 90 once!   So if you are going, have fun and tell me all about it.  I’ll be there in spirit.

And finally, I just want to put this out there before you listen to the episode so you aren’t disappointed as you listen.  If you are looking for the new wave of Star Wars Black figures that have been hitting stores… then keep looking everywhere and every where.  Waste your time and gas.   Jason has found them, but he won’t tell you where.  So… I guess good luck with that.


In this episode we discuss:

  • Daniel is really digging the new Serial podcast from the “This American Life” team.
  • We are both digging Star Wars Rebels.  The “special edition” encore of the pilot with the added Darth Vader scene will be on this Sunday evening on ABC.  Jason picked up the Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion DVD .
  • McFarlane ‘The Walking Dead’ Construction sets hit Toys R Us about a week early.
  • Pre-ordered Walgreens white Boba Fetts and Marvel Legends Agent Venoms are shipping now.
  • Diamond Select will be doing 7″ Ghostbusters Select figures
  • Star Wars Rebels toys
  • Jason got a “RON the Space Pimp” Pod Stallions figure.
  • Tomorrowland trailer.
  • 10 DC comics movies over the next 6 years announced
  • The possibility of Spiderman being in Avengers 3?
  • Robert Downey Jr. is in Captain America 3 , which rumor has it will kick of a “Civil War” storyline.
  • Star Wars Leak of the Week – lots of pre-production art
  •  Warrick Davis announces as part of Ep7 cast
  • An update on “Star Wars Farts”
  • X Men: Days Of Future Past DVD set
  • Edge of Tomorrow/Live, Die, Repeat
  • Premire of the Walking Dead Season 5
  • HBO’s Genesis documentary
  • The recent developments on Doctor Who.
  • Ben Affleck’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher

All that and more!

Check out episode 115!

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