This might be better better described as episode 036.5… but for consistency’s sake we will call it 037.   This is a Lenzi-less episode.  It’s really just a mini-episode.  We only had about a 36 hour window when Abby and I were back in LA between our wedding and our honeymoon and that just happened to fall on Jason and his wife’s one year wedding anniversary.  We ask our significant others to put up with a lot just to be with us… missing an anniversary is NOT one of them.   I had one more interview from Comic Con 2012 to share with you so that is the episode.   This interview is with Andy from Titan Merchandise.  They have a GREAT line up of busts from licenses like Star Trek, hammer Horror and Doctor Who.

You can see AFi’s coverage of their booth here.   And you can listen to the interview below!

As mentioned, there will NOT be a new episode next week, but we will pick back up in September with all the geek chat that you have come to love!

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