logoAaaaand we’re BACK!   It’s been a few weeks, but there was a “secret” episode in the meantime in form of my Wondercon panel that Jason was a panelist. (I should have that up on the ActionFigureInsiderTV  YouTube channel soon).  Jason and I also got to hang out a bit at Star Wars Celebration, so while we might not have been recording we were still talking all things geek.

Since you have all be so patient awaiting our return we are giving you a super jumbo deluxe episode!   There was SO much great geek stuff to discuss in our absence that this episode is a whopping TWO AND A HALF HOURS long!   So make sure you pace yourself and have a good stretch before you start listening so you don’t hurt yourself.

In the words of our favorite scoundrel:   Chewie… we’re home.

In this episode we discuss:


All that and much more on episode 121 of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast.

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