Happy Monday everyone and welcome to a super-sized episode of ‘Geek Shall Inherit’ which if you listen to how Jason pitches it, it might be our most important episode to date!  This 80 minute episode should not be listened to while operating heavy machinery, but feel free to parse it out over this week on your morning commute.  We cover a lot of topics in this episode, such as:

  • We launch our “new feature” – Let’s talk more about John Carter – or as Jason called it:  The Curious Case of John Carter.
  • Daniel’s brush with the Rocketeer.
  • Jason finally saw TIN TIN on BluRay.
  • WonderCon 2012 just happened this weekend (more on that in next Monday’s episode!)
  • In “Things We Are Excited About”
    Daniel- Can finally build his ‘Young Justice Hall of Justice, the return of ‘Falling Skies’ (and then we vear off course and talk about ‘Terra Nova‘ and ‘Primeval‘)
    Jason- received his Ralph McQuarrie prints from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Raiders’ that he ordered the week before his passing… and we learn that Jason was in a Prince video!!!
  • Comic Con 2012 sold out in 3 hours.
  • Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan’s Hope’ the documentary.
  • Daniel’s toy surprise this past week.
  • Casting for the “King of the Nerds” reality show.
  • Daniel took a trip to the new DC Entertainment offices in Burbank

All that and much more!


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