Welcome back to another Monday (or whatever day you check the site for a new episode) and welcome to October… Jason’s favorite month.  September was such a jam-packed month of awesome geekness that it will still resonate for a couple of weeks here at GSi.  Last week I was the guest of our friends at Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment at their incredible new “Batman Live” arena stage show.  It was parked here in Los Angeles for seven shows over the weekend and I was able to cover the red…er…black carpet premire and get some great interviews… but we’ll save all that for next week.

This week we have a jam packed episode and we help celebrate the launch TODAY of  SpyMonkey Creations awesome new Glyos action figure line. the ‘Weaponeers of Monkaa.”  These figures made their debut last week at Power-Con, but starting today at noon PST they will be available for everyone to order!  And you SHOULD order because these are super cool.  Plus they have bonus weapon sets and even an alternate head pack available at the same time.

At the end of this episode we have a 22 minute interview with Brian Stevenson of SMC and he fills us in on how they put this line together, what you get for your $12 and what we can expect next!

In this episode we discuss-

  • Jason talks about what he likes and what is missing in the new Indiana Jones Blu-Ray set.  Also the the James Bond 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray set.
  • Dark Knight Returns Part 1 onBlu-ray/DVD.  Best Buy has a 3″ figure in their set.   Mattel has a 6″ figure coming.
  • One of us saw ‘Dredd’ and we give our review.
  • Dexter and Homeland return to showtime.
  • Round2/Forever Fun Halloween Peanuts figures at CVS.
  • Hobbit figures are leaking a few days early. In stores Oct 1st.
  • ‘Avengers’ DVD (and delayed Fury attache/bells and whistles…)
  • DC Nation (Young Justice, Green Lantern) are back to new episodes as is Clone Wars this past weekend.
  • ‘Doctor Who’ new eps, especially liked ‘Power of Three’. What will happen to the Ponds?
  • Help us out – What should we do for out 50th episode?
  • And finally our 22 minute interview with Brian Stevenson from SpyMonkey Creations.

All that and more!

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