While Daniel and Jason are desperately crunching the numbers for their taxes, they had time to sit down for another hour to hash out what’s new this week in the world of pop culture.  We put the call out to you, the listener, to help us name our segments.  Jason shows off his legs, and let me just say thank God this show is only audio!  We delve deep on Captain Action, we are troubled by David Lynch’s new project and Jason still can’t confront his true feelings for Zoey Deshanel.  And, as always we run off on some tangents about The Ruttles, shorts, documentaries and much more!

In this episode the guys cover:

  • Whats new they are watching on TV:  Game of Thrones, Justified, The Killing, Bent and the New Girl
  • What We’re Excited About:  Daniel – Captain Action (in stores) making his triumphant return to store shelves.  Jason- Monty Python and Holy Grail BluRay DVD/the the biopic airing Sat nite, ‘Holy Flying Circus’.
  •  Trailer Park- New Trailers for:  Total Recall remake and a new Avengers  trailer.
  • David Lynch’s new honked up video “Crazy Clown Time”. (Warning – Not Safe for work… or home… or pets… or..)

In the News:

  • A new companion announced for Doctor Who – Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • C2E2 – next weekend in Chicago April 13-15
  • DCUC Sub pushed back a month
    •    May: Golden Age The Flash
    •    June: Atrocitus (monthly figure) & Metron (club-exclusive)
    •    July: Starman (monthly figure) & Rocket Red (club quarterly figure)
    •    August: Mirror Master
    •    September: Black Mask
  • AFi’s 7th anniversary – April 18th – Scoop Week April 16th – 20th

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