We’re back from Comic Con, it was an amazing time, we only got to see a small fraction of it, and we are already ready for next year.  It’s a bittersweet week for fandom as we have all been waiting with baited breath for “The Dark Knight Rises” to be released, but it’s impossible to fully enjoy it in the wake of the terrible tragedy of the shootings in Colorado.   We don’t yet cover our thoughts on the film as Jason has seen the movie but Daniel has not yet.

The banter part of this episode is a little shorter than our usual episodes, but then it is followed up with one of the interviews from SDCC 2012.

In this episode we cover:

  • The new “old school” comic con coming to San Diego  – San Diego Comic Fest coming October 19-20th.
  • We reminisce about the days of iron-ons.
  • The rundown of what we got from comic con.
  • The new TMNT product.
  • We discuss the over all Nolan Batman trilogy, but not “The Dark Knight Rises” specifically.  So no spoilers this week!
  • Damages returns to Directv
  • It’s time to rally and get your Mattel Subscriptions at Mattycollector.com!  All the subs are in jeopardy, so if you want figures and are on the fence NOW is the time to get on board!
  • Interview from SDCC 2012 with Nicolas of Makerbot.


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