Welcome back to another chat-a-riffic episode of Geek Shall Inherit.  We are in fall convention season with Stan Lee’s COMIKAZE this week, Power-Con next week and NYCC just around the corner.   Also it is the time of year the networks kick off their new fall programing this week.  The guys have lots of fun stories in this episode that will either make you laugh heartily or make you very uncomfortable.  You decide!  Have a listen, won’t you?


This week we discuss:

  • Daniel got the new Ben Folds Five Album a week early.  Check out the first video for the album – Disclaimer: it’s FULL of Fraggles!
  • Jason is all about The English Beat box set from SHOUT! Factory called The Complete Beat (5 CDs) and he gives you a little history lesson on the band and their rise and fall.
  • Kid’s today- do they care about pop culture the way we did?  Would they seek out the Starlogs? the Fangorias?  The Pizzazz? in this day and age?
  • Daniel’s dirty secret – What nerd movie he’s never seen.
  • Fall TV – What are we watching and what are we going to watch?
  • Daniel tells a story about a naked guy.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘ starts shooting in March 2013
  • J.J. Abrams – Star Trek II has a title: ‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘.
  • Thoughts on ‘Kick Ass 2‘.
  • Viggo Mortensen rumored for Doctor Strange??
  • NECA has announced merch for Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’, including 8″ retro/MEGO styled action figures!
  • Those OTHER Avengers, Steed and Mrs. Peel, have a new comic on the shelves, written by Mark Waid from BOOM! Studios.
  • Toy Hunter/Collection Intervention are these good for collectors or are they really just a bait and switch?

All that and much more!

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