Ah 40.  Yet we don’t look a week over 39.  But here we are episode 40.  In the spirit of celebration Daniel takes the time to give Jason his long overdue birthday present.  Jason has just moved so this will be something nice in his new home.  In that same vein, Daniel got some cool original art as geek wedding presents.

Talking about the new iOS and iPhone 5 the guys reminisce about the birth of smart phone technology and Jason talks about his streak of finding things he’s looking for in stores.

And stick around just after the main part of the episode for a “hot off the presses” interview with Mattel’s Scott Neitlich from Power-Con 2012 over the weekend.  Get the inside scoop on the new MOTUC reveals, a little “Easter Egg” in on one of the figures and the announcement of the ‘Castle Grayskull Experiment.

In this episode we cover –

All that and a brand new interview with Scott Neitlich in one action packed episode!

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