There’s just no getting around it, we’re gonna be talking about the Disney/Lucasfilm deal.   As a matter of fact that discussion takes up half the episode.  It’s huge news with massive repercussions rippling through all of pop culture.  Let the country have it’s news cycle this week with all their political hub-bub.  Here’s where you can step away for an hour and let the pop culture goodness wash over you.  Weather your guy won or not, as we all get used to being on standard time again,  it won’t change the fact that we are getting a new Star Wars movie in the next 3 years! Yub Nub!

After we all the Star Wars talk out of our system we discuss:

– G4 canceling tentpole shows/rebooting channel
– Led Zeppelin’s CELEBRATION DAY CD/DVD comes out November 19th
– The Alfred Hitchhock BluRay DVD set/HBO’s ‘The Girl’ (Hitchhock/Tippi Hedren/THE BIRDS biopic).
Walking Dead video game
– New MOTU iphone app/game
Lego LOTR pushed for console – 11/13
– Documentary pick of the week – Resurrect Dead; The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
Jonathan Coulton “Christmas Miracle” Tour

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