geekSHALLinheritXmasMerry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays everyone!  We hope that most of you get to enjoy some time off with your loved ones this week.   And if Christmas isn’t your bent we welcome you to Winter and hope you get some good Chinese food this week! So, gather up your family, make some cocoa, get in your jammies, put a fire in the fireplace, sit back and listen to a very special holiday edition of ‘Geek Shall Inherit.

We got word from iTunes that no new podcasts would be added this week until roughly December 28th, so for the next few days Episode 053 is exclusive to the website.

Thank you to TV’s Chris Tallman for the special intro this week.  Stick around after the final credits of this episode, there might just be a bonus Easter Egg…. wait, and Easter Egg on Christmas?  What?

In this episode we discuss:

  • – Jason and Daniel have their Christmas gift exchange
  • – New modern take on “Zorro” called “Z” coming to USA network.
  • –  Daniel Saw ‘The Hobbit’ in Imax 3-D FFR on opening weekend and gives you his spoiler free thoughts.
  • – Jason was seeing ‘The Hobbit’ over the weekend with his mom.
  • – Daniel saw the new new 9 minute Star Trek Into Darkness trailer.
  • – Glenn Mazzara Leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ after Season 3.
  • – New 2013 Lego sets already hitting TRUs.
  • – ‘Back to the Future‘ Lego coming.
  • – The Celebration VI  C-3PO cereal eating contest video
  • – The Four Horsemen announce the new Power Lords line.
  • – BBC releases a picture of new Tardis interior.  Looks more like classic Tardis.
  • – There a new PC case that looks like a Tardis.
  • – The Doctor Who Christmas special is coming Christmas Day.
  • – Titan Merchandise’s “Titan” Dr. Who vinyl figures.
  • – Daniel opens up the new Jonnathan Coulton Christmas album deluxe boxed set.
  • – Excellent BBC doc on YouTube on Squeeze, called ‘Squeeze: Take Me I’m Yours’.
  • -The last of our Batmobile interviews – Jeff Dunham . yes, THAT Jeff Dunham.

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