logoYou’ll be shocked to learn that this week we lead off this episode talking about Oprah. But that’s just the kind of pop culture ground we have the skills to cover on the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!  In this episode Daniel admits his strange and unnatural love of David Letterman and the weird depths of his fandom for this man and his TV show.   He reveals a lot, but I’m not sure we have even scratched the surface…

The geek news really picked up this week, both good news and bad news, but we cover it all in a little over an hour.

In this episode we cover:

  • – Daniel took in a  lot of movies this last week, and only one of them was really nerdy :This is 40, The Campaign, Real Steel and The Help
  • – We were both shocked by the surprise return of David Bowie this past week and the news of a new album.
  • – Season 3 of Joe Schmo has started on Spike TV
  • – Marvel Lego game is coming this Fall. (Just in time as Abby and I completed Lego LOTR 100% 2 weeks ago).
  • – Mattel’s new “Club Black Freighter” Watchmen Rorschach figure (will be for sale Jan 15th.) You can see more pictures of it here.
  • – Captain Action photo contest.
  • – A Trek fan had a dying wish to see Star Trek Into Darkness.  Thanks to Paramount and J.J. Abrams he got his wish.
  • – The Ronnie Lane Story doc
  • – If you are anywhere close to Los Angeles, check out Paleyfest 2013!
  • – Congratulations to Jason and Holi Wires on the birth of their son Ronin Eddie Rey Wires on Tuesday.
  • – New ‘Adventure Time’ action figure wave from Jazwares.
  • – The recent NECA Django and A Christmas Story controversy.
  • – After 42 years of reporting on the industry Comic Buyers Guide is canceled.
  • – Jason met a guy in Golden Apple and is now throwing his weight behind the “Solestar”  kickstarter campaign.
  • – Guillermo Del Toro Got That ‘Star Wars’ Call After All.
  • Tron: Uprising has been canceled.

All that and more in an all new episode of Geek Shall Inherit!

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