logoToy Fair 2013 is almost here and the toy news if already flying fast and furious!  We cover as much of it as was can squeeze in, but we had to tackle the topic of “J.J. Abrams Directs Star Wars Episode VII” as that news came out about an hour after we had finished recording Episode 58 last week.  The other big news that sort of snuck out that we haven’t seen many people talk about is the mention that Star Wars Episode VII

We both took the week and watched a lot of movies.  Jason took on most of the 2013 Academy Award nominated films.  Daniel caught up with ‘Dredd’ and ‘Ted.’

We actually had so many topics written down to cover in this episode that even running more than 70 minutes we still only got through about half our list.  But the good news is that the topic list for episode 60 has already been written by kicking those other topics over to this week.

In addition we cover:

All that and a “happy birthday” wish to our editor extraordinaire, Mrs Abby Pickett!

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