logoHappy One Year!  With the recording of this episode we are officially at the one year mark with 52 weekly episodes.   It’s pretty amazing that we’ve been able to keep up that schedule with the years that we have both had in 2012, but it just goes to show the power of Geek and that we NEED to talk about this stuff week after week!

However with this familiarity comes a dark side… and we don’t always agree on every topic.  This week’s episode features our most heated disagreement to date.  Which is ridiculous because Jason is just wrong.    HAHA!  See what I did there?  I get to write these show intros each week so I can skew it any way that I want to and Jason is POWERLESS to stop me!!  Bwa hahahaha!   Have a listen and let us know where you come down on the topic.  Were you excited by the “Man of Steel” trailer or not?

Also in this episode we have the second of our Batmobile interviews.  This time Daniel talks to Tim Flattery who was the designer of both the “Batman Forever” Batmobile and “Batman and Robin” Batmobile (He even worked on the “Batman Returns” Batmobile.)   But Tim’s design work doesn’t stop there, Tim has had his designs in almost every major sci fi, comic book genre film of the past 10 years.  Everything from Back to the Future II, G.I. Joe, A.I., Men in Black, Star Trek…the list goes on and on.   Tim is an amazing talent and he’s one of us!  He’s a collector, comic book fan and a well rounded geek that is living the dream getting to work on all the projects that feature his favorite characters.  Check out Tim’s online portfolio here and see what I mean and you can see some of the images that he describes in the interview.

Additionally we cover:

  • – Daniel is digging the new holiday album by Scala & Kolchny Brothers “December.”  If you’d like to hear what eclectic holiday music from a 40 person girls choir backed up by just piano you can check them out here at their official site or on their YouTube channel.
  • Jason is setting up some new display cases at his house.
  • – All the Music from original Star Trek – Next week, Burbank-based film-music label La-La Land Records will release a 15-CD boxed set of music from the original “Star Trek” series: every note that was written and recorded for the sci-fi drama, more than 17 hours of music in all and retailing for $225.
  • – New Trailers for “Pacific Rim”, “Man of Steel” and “The Lone Ranger.”
  • -It appears that Tron 3 is back on the menu!
  • – Angry Birds Movie coming Summer 2016 (Why so soon?)
  • – Disney Developing an “Alice in Wonderland” sequel
  • – Kevin Smith announces he’s doing “Clerks 3”
  • Lego “Lone Ranger” sets coming in 2013
  • – Hasbro announces “Star Wars The Vintage Collection” best of re-releases in 2013.
  • “Ghostbusters” staged reading at LACMA.
  • – Gillian Anderson returning to US television, the NBC series HANNIBAL.
  • – Karen Berger stepping down from Vertigo
  • – Captain Carrot makes his New 52 debut as “Captain K’Rot” in Threshold #3
  • – Gail Simone dismissed from Batgirl by email
  • – Jason put the call out for a couple of his “Watchmen” white whales.
  • Tim Flattery Batmobile Interview.

All that and more!  Happy Anniversary everyone!

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