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logoAaaaand we’re BACK!   It’s been a few weeks, but there was a “secret” episode in the meantime in form of my Wondercon panel that Jason was a panelist. (I should have that up on the ActionFigureInsiderTV  YouTube channel soon).  Jason and I also got to hang out a bit at Star Wars Celebration, so while we might not have been recording we were still talking all things geek.

Since you have all be so patient awaiting our return we are giving you a super jumbo deluxe episode!   There was SO much great geek stuff to discuss in our absence that this episode is a whopping TWO AND A HALF HOURS long!   So make sure you pace yourself and have a good stretch before you start listening so you don’t hurt yourself.

In the words of our favorite scoundrel:   Chewie… we’re home.

In this episode we discuss:


All that and much more on episode 121 of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast.

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logoOh man!  Another gap between episodes?   Yes.  Yes it’s true.  Both Jason and I have been traveling a bit this Spring so our schedules have been a little wonky.  I just got back from Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle and Jason ran off to the Twin Cites for a bit, so we were literally running in opposite directions!  But don’t worry, we will be reunited this Easter weekend as he is a guest on a panel that I’m moderating this Friday at WonderCon in Anaheim! (more on that below!)

Whenever there is a gap between episode it just means that there’s even MORE to discuss each time we sit down together.

In this episode we discuss:

All that and more in episode 120!

If you find yourself at Wondercon 2014 in Anaheim this weekend be sure and check out our panel:

Toy Collecting in the Modern Age: The High Price of Having Fun

Friday April 3, 2015 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Room 213

Are mass-market collector toys dying? The price of raw materials and costs of the production process continue to skyrocket. Action figures that were $7.99 five years ago are now in stores for over $20. At that price can you still be a “completist?” Is Kickstarter the better way to go for an up-and-coming toy company to get figures in the hands of collectors? Are toy collectors prepared for the onslaught of all of the new Star Wars figures that will come from the new movies? A panel of toy industry insiders and collectors examine just what is going on today and where it’s all going in the future. Moderator Daniel Pickett (ActionFigureInsider.com, host of Geek Shall Inherit podcast) is joined by industry experts Justin Donaldson (collector, director, The Tournament of Nerds), Jim Fletcher and Kevin Kiniry (DC Collectibles) Jason Lenzi (co-founder, Bif Bang Pow!), Scott Neitlich (director of play, Jakks Pacific, collector), Jeff Trojan (Playmates Toys) and David Vonner (senior designer/product manager Spin Master).


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logoThis weekend kicks off Toy Fair 2015 so since I have an action figure website and Jason has a toy company it only makes sense that we spend a good chunk of this episode talking about toys and the toy industry.  We have quite a bit of “behind-the-scenes” toy talk in this episode so we didn’t get to cover all of the topics we wanted to cover, but if there was ever a time to talk toys it’s the week before the “big show!” I’m really excited about all of the new reveals… but not so excited about the weather.  Please… think warm thoughts for me this weekend.


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more on this new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!



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logoWe can still say “Happy New Year” to each other since it’s still January, right?  I thought so.

There’s a lot of housekeeping/catch up in this episode.  Since it’s been a few weeks between episodes and there was a holiday “break” we had a chance to see and catch up on a lot of stuff from toys to movies to television.

Plus we start ramping up our excitement for the Toy Fair 2015 reveals!

It’s our first all new episode for 2015!  Enjoy!

In this episode we discuss:


All that and more on episode 118 of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!

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logoWe can hardly believe that it’s been 3 years since we first launched the Geek Shall Inherit podcast, but the numbers… and dates don’t lie.  It was 3 years ago THIS WEEK that we launched the Geek Shall Inherit podcast with episode one, and we have been talking pop culture ever since! True to form, even expanding this episode to two hours, we STILL don’t get to every topic that we wanted to cover in this episode!  But we do squeeze in a LOT in these 120 minutes.

Once again there is a LOT of new topics to discuss such as a new trailer from a galaxy far, far away as well as some James Bond news… we even talk about holiday decorations!

Thank you again to all that have listened to us over the past 3 years.  We really appreciate every comment, question, suggesting and follow.   And THANK YOU again to our editor and my lovely bride Abby for producing and putting the episodes together week after week, month after month and year after year!


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more in a double sized anniversary episode of GSi!

Have a listen, won’t you?


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