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logoWe are NOT at New York Comic Con this weekend… but we wish we were.   At least I THINK we wish we were.  There was a report published on Thursday that NYCC had surpassed SDCC in attendance.  And not just by a little, by something like 20,000 people!    They say there are roughly 130,000 + people allowed in the  San Diego Convention center each year for SDCC now.   NYCC at the Javits is said to have 150,000+ and from the reports I’m reading today… it’s still fun.   It’s not the beating that SDCC has become.  The Javits Center has a very different layout than SDCC and they don’t have all of Hollywood right up the road ready to caravan every possible genre project to the show, so maybe they have found the best of both worlds in the Big Apple.   It will be interesting to see the changes in both shows over the next 2-3 years.   We have lots of coverage and pictures of the con, so many it will feel like you are there, right here over on AFi.


This week we discuss:

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NatlPodcastDay14Happy National Podcast Day everybody!  Thank you for listening and sharing it with us here at the Geek Shall Inherit podcast!   If you dig what we do on GSi this would be the perfect opportunity to recommend us to a friend on this national day of podcast celebration.  We love talking all things pop culture with each other and with you folks, but there’s always room for more at the table.   So check out this all new episode of the Geek Shall Inherit podcast, and then go check out some other new podcast that you have never heard before.  It’s new media and it’s here to stay!.   This is a bit of a beefier episode clocking in at 90 minutes.  We hope you dig it, and thanks for listening!

Also a very special “Thank you” to listener, artist and Eisner Award winner – Art Baltazar.  He sent us the best care package full of Aw Yeah! Comics.   You should check out all the awesomeness available at AwYeahComics.com! Also check out Art’s podcast!


In this episode we discuss:

All that and more in an all new episode of:


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logoFor all of you folks that have been asking for more toy talk on the podcast, then this is the episode for you!   We talk a little bit of music, a little bit of catch up and then we dive deep in our plastic lives and talk toys.   I don’t think we talk about a single move in this episode.  See, we like to switch things up about every 111 episodes just to keep it all fresh!

In this episode we cover:


All that and much more in Episode 112!

AND as a bonus if you want to hear (and/or see) Daniel talk for another hour about comic books, TV shows and toys then check out his recent appearance on the “Drinking With Comics” podcast here!

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logoI hope all of you US listeners are enjoying the long holiday weekend.  I know I am.  Here we are at our alliteration episode, number 111… is it still alliteration if it’s with numbers and not letters?

As we discuss in this episode we now live in a world with a 12th Doctor, and just yesterday we got word that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is now the highest grossing film of 2014. So there’s lots of great things happening in the world of geek right now and we are just the two men to talk about it.

Jason was a little under the weather in this episode in case you don’t think he’s his usual peppy self.  But there was pop culture to be discussed so he sucked it up and sat down for another brand new hour geek talk.


In this episode we discuss:

All that and much more in episode 111.



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logoIf you are someone that covers comic con in the media, just because SDCC ends after 5 days doesn’t mean it’s over.   I’m still slogging through getting coverage put up.   ALL my photos are live right here, but I still have some videos and interviews that are coming.  That also means this episode is going up about a week later than I wanted to post it. So to make it up to you this is a longer episode. A lot happened and there’s a lot of stuff to talk about from both of our experiences and all the new reveals, so this will be another 90 minute episode.

Comic Con was great (but HOT) again this year.  Thank you to everyone that came up to us at the con and said you dig the show.  We really appreciate that.  We hope you all had a grand time too and didn’t get stuck in too many long lines.  I know that can start to suck the life out of you!

We’re back now, so let’s get to it! Cuz “it’s a fun day.”

In this episode we cover:

Also I said I would post the video for Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”

All that a more in a all new episode!

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