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Welcome to our 2011 Holiday Episode!  And since it’s Christmas today we’re going to let you open your present early and we are posting this episode on Sunday instead of the usual Monday posting.

In this episode Daniel and Jason discuss:

  • The guys discuss favorite childhood Christmas memories.
  • The fine art of sneaking down to see your presents early
  • How the Death Star killed Santa at Daniel’s house.
  • Daniel and Jason tell you their favorite holiday movie
  • The mom and pop toy stores of yesteryear.
  • The 8″ Mego-esque resurgence.
  • Jason’s Christmas present from Alex Ross
  • And much, much more!


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Thanks for listening everyone!

Happy Holidays,

Daniel and Jason


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In this episode Daniel and Jason disccuss:

  • Can you have too many toys to the point where new stuff is not special?
  • Jason talks about a recent animated series voice over audition.
  • The guys propose that we are in the golden age of comic book movies… and compare what we got in the 1970’s.
  • Jason starts his campaign for “Zombie Rights.”
  • The guys cover what Fall TV they have been watching, what games they have been playing, and Zoe Deshanel.
  • “Should Cantina Aliens have names?”
  • And much, much more!

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In the debut episode:

  • Daniel and Jason introduce themselves
  • Discuss their reactions and highlights of San Diego Comic Con 2011
  • Debate if geek culture are ungrateful for their mass media exposure
  • Talk about their favorite genre Summer movies and their recent DVD releases.
  • And MORE!

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New Podcast Covers Toys, Television, Movies, Music And All of Pop Culture


For Immediate Release

December  12, 2011 (Los Angeles)-  Fandom and the action figure industry have joined forces to start a new podcast called Geek Shall Inherit ( www.geekshallinherit.com) Jason Lenzi, CEO of toy company BifBangPow! (www.bifbanpow.com) and Daniel Pickett of ActionFigureInsider.com (www.actionfigureinsider.com)  have joined forces to create a one of a kind podcast that will span the breadth of pop culture.  This unique podcast will give fans insight into the how and why of the action figure world as well as catch them up with many other aspects of the pop culture universe in regular doses. 

When Jason Lenzi founded BIF BANG POW! in 2005, the idea was to bring items to the marketplace that he himself would want to own.  Cultivated from TV, movies, books, comics, music and more, for the past seven years, Bif Bang Pow! has been bringing high quality action figures, bobble heads, prop replicas and more to the massive cult audience that wishes these items were already in their collections. Lenzi is also a seasoned writer/producer in the television world and a long time voice over artist.

Daniel "Julius Marx" Pickett is the co-creator/co-owner of Action Figure Insider, a toy news site with a focus on the creators and process of making pop culture collectibles.  He has been writing about toys for 10 years and has been collecting his whole life.  He also consults with many toy companies on projects, hosts panel discussions at conventions, and answers questions from readers all over the world.  Action Figure Insider has recently been featured on many other media outlets including Wired.com, MSNBC, NPR, and USA Today’s "Pop Candy" blog.  Daniel is also a featured contributor to G4’s Attack of the Show on their action figure segment called “Mint On Card.”

“Daniel first brought up the possibility of doing something like this at Comic Con 2010,” said Lenzi when asked about the creation of the podcast. “We were doing an interview and riffing together and after it was over he mentioned the idea in passing as something we should do some day. Often times those sorts of asides don’t go anywhere, but I really liked the idea and kept asking him about it.  One year later here we are!”

“Daniel and I already have a great relationship through BifBangPow! and Action Figure Insider. We have a history of having these epic, endless phone conversations about all things pop culture.  We share information on movies and TV, we trade music and talk comics, and now, like it or not, we are sharing those conversations with the world,” said Lenzi.

“The podcast format seemed like a natural platform to dump out all this trivia and minutia that we carry around in our noggins,” said Pickett.  ”Up until now we just used that knowledge to annoy our significant others.  Hopefully there will be less of that at home now that we have an audience that will appreciate this sort of conversation.”

The podcast will start off simple with just Lenzi and Pickett.  In the New Year there will be many “guest stars” on the podcast drawing from their vast contacts in the action figure, movie, comic book and music worlds. Along the way they will have contests, answer fans questions, agree on some topics, disagree on some subjects and agree to disagree on matters.

The first episode is live now on the website www.geekshallinherit.com.  Fans will be able to subscribe via RSS at the site now, and they can expect it soon on iTunes.  In addition to the podcast fans can find forums they can provide feedback, ask questions and suggest topics, find links to the GSI Twitter feed, Facebook page and even listen on your favorite mobile device.


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From the minds behind ActionFigureInsider.com and BifbangPow!

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