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logo We’re still on a weekly schedule, just not back on Mondays yet.  We need a 8 day week so we can catch up and get back on track.   I think I’m gonna make some calls about that.

I’m having a love affair with these new retro toys.   Between Funko’s ReAction, what Zica is doing and even those custom figures from Iron Cow, I’m just sunk.  I didn’t think I was going to fall so hard for them, but I’m really into them, which makes me all the more worried about what all I will see at Toy Fair next week.   Jason thinks there may be a backlash with the sculpts because of what fans are used to.    What do you guys think?   Are you loving the retro revolution or are you over it already?

In this episode we discuss:

  • Zica’s new Six Million Dollar Man 3.75” action figure line.
  • Lots of geek movie commercials have been confirmed for the Super Bowl this weekend.  Look for spots for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,’ ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction,’ ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2,’ ‘Need for Speed,’ ‘Draft Day,’ and a Toyota tie-in with ‘Muppets Most Wanted
  • The new “Plastic Galaxy” documentary about vintage Kenner Star Wars figures.
  • There are rumors coming out of Guardian of the Galaxy Lego.
  • Gal Godot signs 3 picture deal as Wonder Woman.
  • We are getting one more 6” DCUC surprise from Mattel.
  • Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor Who costume made it’s debut this week.
  • Jason caught up on some recent movies this past week:  Gravity, Her, Prisoners and The Lone Ranger
  • Jason is really digging the new Mattel DC Total Heroes line 6″ figures.
  • Jason has found a couple of ‘white whales’ this week on Ebay.
  • Doctor Who exclusive toy set from the UK.

All that and much more.  So pull up a chair and sit down with your favorite listening device and join us for an hour as we tackle the week in geek.


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logoI’ll bet you thought we weren’t back on track and were going to have another skip week, didn’t you?  Boy were you wrong!  Sure we’re a few days late from our regular Monday posting, but that was just out of our respect for Dr. King and not because we were busy and stuff.   But we ARE here with a new episode for the week and it’s another 90 minute one!

So let’s get to the show!

This week we discuss:

All that and much more in Episode 096!!

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logoOk.  The holidays are over, we had our fun, but now it’s time to get back to work!   We had a nice little break these past few weeks to visit with family.  I darn near froze to death out in the mid-west and the “polar vortex” and Jason had his mom in town. We hope all of you also had a lovely holiday season, however you celebrated and we wish you all a happy new year!  It is a new year now, and we missed you guys (and each other), so we are back with an all new episode chocked full of geek goodness and pop culture conversation.

We had about three weeks of topics to cover, and we didn’t get to them all but we cover an awful lot in an hour and forty minutes.   Get comfortable because it’s about to get real chatty, and I try out a new catchphrase!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Our holiday break and what we got for Christmas
  • New X-Men movie in 2016 – X-Men Apocalypse
  • The Flash origin on the mid-season finale of Arrow.
  • Remake of the week – The Naked Gun franchise with Ed Helms
  • Disney says: Don’t Expect a New Indiana Jones Movie for at Least Two to Three Years
  • Paul Rudd looks to be Ant-Man
  • Argo Writer Chris Terrio on Batman vs Superman  Other BvsS rumors
  • The Thundermans has been picked up for season 2 by Nickelodeon.
  • R

  • Rogue cut from X-men: Days of Future Past.
  • ‘Big Star’ documentary.
  • Jason’s friend Don Merritt’s new documentary Bottled Up: The Battle Over Dublin Dr. Pepper.
  • Brian Heiler’s Christmas presents to Jason.

GSIEp95DrWhoPara GSIEp95RodSerling

  • Jason’s sad holiday visit from Matty Clause.
  • ReAction Aliens from Funko/Super 7 are here at long last!!
  • Listener of the week – Chris Chao

All that and much more in this extra long episode!

Have a listen, won’t you?

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logoOk… it’s not really a mid-season break.   We’re both such jet-setters, traveling the globe that it was a little hard to connect for a few weeks there, but we’re back with an all new episode of pop culture discussion.   We had to come back THIS week, after all on Dec 12th it’s our 2nd anniversary of launching the ‘Geek Shall Inherit’ podcast!   Can you believe that?  2 years worth of episodes!   That’s crazy to me.

But as we’ve said before, what makes it all worth is is you folks listening,   Thanks for all the comments, feedback and suggestions.  We read every single one and we love hearing from you guys!   Thanks for a great 2 years!   Here’s to many more!


In this episode we discuss:


All that and more in episode 094!

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logoWe recorded this episode last Friday while the city of San Fransisco was in the middle of making a 5-year old boys dream come true.   Where geek and non-geek came together to transform the city for a greater cause. Thousands of people to donated their time, their energy and their efforts to transform the city by the bay into Gotham: complete with Batmobiles, super villains, a special edition of the newspaper, and a hero getting the key to the city.

It just shows the power of people when they come together for a good cause.  DC Comics was involved, the cast of Arrow got involved and even the President recorded a message for Bat-kid.    I wish I could have been there to participate in the festivities.   But we celebrated it and acknowledge it here on the podcast – Jason and I both salute you Bat-Kid!


In this episode we discuss:

  • Daniel saw Thor : The Dark World but Jason has not, so our discussion is limited.
  • A surprise Doctor Who prequel video  with the 8th Doctor – ‘Night of the Doctor’ prequel short.
  • Daniel watched the 1996 TV movie Doctor Who for the first time ever.
  • Also new trailer for the“Adventures in Time and Space” TV movie.
  • Underground today doing “variant” wave for 3.75” Who figures.
  • The Bat-kid story will melt your heart.
  • R2 signs onto Star Wars episode VII according to the Bad Robot Twitter account.
  • Entertainment Earth pre-black Friday sales.
  • Blockbuster to close all remaining stores.
  • Casting call for Wonder woman for Man of Steel 2?   All the Batman V Superman rumors.
  • Remaking “Tales from the Darkside”
  • Daniel got the new wave of Marvel Legends (rocket raccoon) and the new Avengers Assembled figures.
  • New Captain Action Wolverine and Iron Man costume sets.

All that and MORE!

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