Get haunted by Ghost Hug from @JunkFed
April 19, 2017

Even malevolent specters can use a hug now and then. Hold this little phantom close and let the blackness envelop you.

Just kidding, this little cutie is harmless…or is it?

Ghost Hug was made in collaboration with Corpse Tits from her original illustration, and was sculpted, individually hand cast, painted, finished, and packaged by Junk Fed.

Ghost Hug is roughly four inches tall, and comes in a red felt-lined black box.

Run of 20.

Please allow up to four weeks for preorder shipping

Though it may resemble the toys from your childhood, it features zero points of articulation and may not play well with the rest of your toys. Not recommended for children.

Figure and packaging details may vary.

Abby Pickett
Abby is the better half of AFi co-founder Daniel (Julius Marx) Pickett. She's invisible most of the time because she works in the background providing her expertise in video content pre- and post-production.
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