Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (JLU)
August 19, 2010

I made a toy run on my way home this evening.  I do not go very often any more.  Never seems to be anything out there.  And I always have a ton to do these days (teaching my son to drive for one).  There at Target was a bunch of JLU 3 packs.  NBC used to have a slogan, "If you haven’t seen it, its new to you."  They were using it for summer re-runs.  I guess you could call these Mattel summer re-runs.


The Captains Arrive


Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Flash.  Silver Banshee, Metallo,  Superman.  Plastic Man, Cyborg, Mr. Miracle.  Yes, all 3 of those packs.  Although why Captain Atom and Question packs were there as well is a mystery.


[Super Friends was the only pack of these I’d seen before. ]


Zoom zooms in.

I must confess, I was actually hoping to find B’wana Beast from the Brave and Bold line.  Or maybe the deluxe Green Arrow to decide if the new accessories were worth the purchase.

Flash’s Rogues – Scott, can we get a Trickster next year?

 I saw some other things while I was out today. 

Oh No, Flash is out numbered!

TRU: Ben 10 Ultimate Alien figures – Ultimate Swampfire, Rath, Lodestone, Ultimate Big Chill, Nanomech. Water Hazard was there, but in a larger scale and packaging.

Help Arrives!

Target: DCUC wave 13 – yes, wave 13.  Cyclotron, Blue Devil (and Power Girl).

Flash moves so fast, he appears to be in two places at the same time!


Aside: Setting up to take these pictures reminded me painfully of one of the glaring flaws in this line.  The feet and legs are so skinny that they can barely stand.  In addition, the legs are soft.  And at least one mold has one leg shorter than the other.  Green Lantern refused to stand.  I finally had to wedge him into the spaces between the boards in my picnic table. Boomerang also fell over numerous times.  As a former member of the Hasbro Quality Assurance team, it really bugs me that this design flaw still has not been corrected.  Hasbro had processes in place over a decade ago to weed out problems like this.  Why Mattel cannot fix this I just do not know.




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