Graphitti Designs fills gap and creates Aquaman shirt.
April 25, 2013

Many moons ago, Danny N. and I both wrote blogs about our super hero T-shirt collections.  At the end of mine, I pointed out the dismay of being unable to own a shirt that really felt like Aquaman.  Aquaman does not have a chest symbol like Superman, Green Lantern or Flash.

I’ve long thought that the lack of an easily identifiable symbol is part of what is holding Aquaman back.  He needed a chest symbol.  He did have kind of a symbol.  Every so often an artist would put an “A” of some style on his belt.  Then with a month of covers with symbols on it during Brightest Day, the stylized belt buckle became the symbol for Aquaman.


Now Graphitti Designs takes it the next step and delivers a shirt in the traditional orange color of Aquaman with this symbol emblazened on the chest.  Here it is.  Now you too can wear Aquaman’s shirt.

Aquaman Shirt

Aquaman Shirt

The only thing missing is a shape behind the symbol to make it more distinct from its background.  Superman has a pentagon, Flash and Green Lantern use circles.  Aquaman should buck the round trend and have a triangle.  Color? The green of his pants of course.

Truth in disclosure: I own a number of GD shirts which I have bought both at cons and directly from their site.  I think their products are top notch.  This shirt I spotted on one of my opponents at a recent HeroClix gaming event.  When I got home I immediately looked for it at the GD site.  Comic cover is from The Grand Comics Database.

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