Green Lantern – About Time.
March 5, 2009

I just feel this announcement has not gotten the press it deserves.


It kind of makes sense.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Justice League have gotten theirs.  Now its his turn.  I’ve been a GL fan for years.  Not always my favorite hero, but always near the top.  and I seem to have no trouble buying more stuff related to the mythos. Here is some of it.

Apparently, a trailer for this new movie was shown along with the Wonder Woman 1st showings at recent cons.  If you missed it, there is a cool trailer at WB’s official GL site for the movie (you can sign up there for updates).


Superman TAS used Kyle Rayner as GL.  Justice League gave us John Stewart as the Green Lantern.  Brave and the Bold showcased Guy Gardner as GL the other week.  This is Hal Jordan’s turn.


In brightest day

In blackest night

let no evil escape my sight

let those who worship evil’s might

beware my power

Green Lantern’s light!


See you there.

(and yes, I do have a ring.)

Erik "Superfriend" Skov
"Gathered together from the four corners of the universe." Oh, wait, that's the show, not me. Erik "SuperFriend" Skov never actually got to appear on the show, although he did watch it every week. Erik spent 6 years working for Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI before leaving for a job that paid more (Why else would a collector leave the company that was making Star Wars, Transformers, and while I was there Batman). I used to post all over the net. These days I tend to hang my hat at AFI.
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  • j1h15233 says:

    SO excited about this movie!

  • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

    GL Animated? Good times!

    Although I’m not sure of the costume. That concept sketch makes his costume look a bit over-detailed, a bit like Kyles padded costume (His 2nd one I think it was…)


  • Bat Lantern says:

    The look reminds me a little of the Mortal Kombat Hal Jordan. I like it. I can’t remember the last time I was this stoked for an animated film to be released… ever!

    Now for the photo.. You need to get some Green Lantern Minimates in there. 🙂


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