Guerreiros do Futuro! – Gulliver's Future Warriors
April 16, 2009

It’s not often that a bootleg line has much originality, let alone a concept/theme that attracts someone to collect them.  Mostly they’re collected because they’re bootlegs and that’s it.  However, there’s at least one standout exception in that realm of collecting, and that standout is Brazillian company Gulliver Juguetes’ "Future Warriors."  

To give a brief background on Gulliver, they were founded in 1969 by Mariano Lavin Ortiz. They are mostly known for releasing un-articulated Super Powers figures that consisted of a rubbery-type material and creating the original "Captain Lightning (El Ray)" as a part of their releases.  What isn’t widely known is that they also released Mattel’s Secret Wars figures as well, yet they were very much like their American counterparts with the standard articulation in slightly different packaging.

After that, they decided to create and release their own original line of comic-inspired action figures, and the Future Warriors were born.  The line was made by ‘kit-bashing’ existing Secret Wars figures into new characters and creating molds based on the prototypes they came up with.  Each figure came with a stand and with weapons either pilfered from Secret Wars or ones that seem to come from nowhere (like that wacky silver scimitar).  I’ve used the "Darklord" character to illustrate this, and it’s pretty obvious where they borrowed the parts from.

Here’s the front and back of the carded Darklord figure, one of the "Viper Aliens" (the bad guys) :

Other than the obvious resemblance to Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, fans of the Secret Wars line will notice how simply this figure has been assembled :

Darklord has a Baron Zemo head with similar parts accented :

He shares the same torso as Captain America, Daredevil, Spider-man and most other Secret Wars releases :

His legs both are taken off of Dr. Doom’s right leg :

As you can see, a lot of the sharp detail of the original Secret Wars figures has been lost, which is a result of the molds being produced from actual released figures and not wax or acetate sculptings that usual prototypes are made from.  However, not only does this add to the charm of the line, but the great card artwork signed by the ‘as-yet-to-be-seen-in-my-kitchen’ virtually unknown (meaning I could find no info online at all) artist known only as "Marchi" more than makes up for it.  As fellow AFI member Jayson Zachary said to me, "What if Image Comics tried to do Secret Wars?"  I had to chuckle a bit at that line, because the card back artwork does look like some sort of Jim Vallentino/Rob Leifeld hybrid.

Very little info is out there as far as how many of the vehicles in this line were released, if any at all.  If they exist in collector’s hands, they have not been revealed in either images online or message board posts.  Here are images from the card back of all the vehicles, each repaints of their US Secret Wars counterparts :



The line had 8 total figures, with four of them being heroes ("Eternity Defenders") and four villains ("Viper Aliens").  It’s not known how many full sets exist, but I believe between loose and carded examples there can’t be more than 5-10 total of each character out there.  Some collectors don’t advertise that they collect this line or are attempting to put together a set due to the rarity and fierce competition that can result from more than a couple obsessed people both vying for one truly rare piece.  I know of two major collectors that could possibly have complete sets, myself, and one collector that’s putting together a loose set (he needs one more to complete it).  I have 6 of the 8 carded, and know where there’s an example of one I don’t have that I’ll try and make a push for to see if the guy will part with it.  Here’s every character from the card back (note the different paint scheme and weapons used for Darklord) :



On the  there’s a little check box where you can see if there’s an alien or a defender in the package.  I’m not sure where the ‘armour’ is in the package unless they’re referring to the weapons included, and with the image of all the available figures shown on the back it’s an extremely superfluous addition.  However, this is one of the components of bootlegs that makes them fun to collect!

Speaking of ‘fun’ I thought I’d highlight a couple "Engrish" moments evident on the front of the package :




Well, I’m certain there will be more information about this line unearthed as the years go on, but I’m not quite done yet.  Here’s a preview for Part 2 of this blog where I highlight the figures I do have and attempt to figure out what parts they’ve been created from, as well as take detailed pictures as a sort of  ‘pseudo-archive.’  So, until next time…I give you my carded "Nitro" figure :




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  • CantinaDan says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this crazy line. It really is fun to see the Secret Wars molds reused. Was the line available at retail in Brazil?

  • Oddjob says:

    Cool stuff, but I think you’re a little off base in saying that most bootleg lines don’t have “storylines”. Lots of them do. Especially in countries like Brazil and Argentina.

    I’m not sure this is really a bootleg either. I mean it is, but the true bootleg lines are the ones that are like Spiderman figures, but packaged as Batmans, etc.

  • texgnome1 says:

    Thanks for the great blog Chip. Bootlegs are always fascinating, but considering this one’s history and roots it is quite unique.

  • Jason Jason Geyer says:


    Just an excellent article! I’ve never heard of these guys before at all.


  • jzachery says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for them for you, you never know where you’ll run into stuff. Awesome blog, dare I say that I think these can give Secret Wars a run for their money, these came out awesome!
    Glad you are focusing so much on the vintage side of collecting, there is so much drama right now with current releases, this really reminds me of how fun this hobby can be and why I collect. These are an awesome find, and you’re doing great so far with them!

  • Jeremy SpyMagician says:

    Sweet line!

    These totally have the same charm as the infamous FUERZA-T!!!


  • Hourman says:

    I want a whole line based around VAMPIRUS!

  • Adam K says:

    When exactly were these produced anyway?

  • torpedoboy says:

    um…those are AMAZING!!!

  • Victor Hugo says:

    i´m brazilian and I´m blushing like a tomato after seeing those
    I bought a few the Secret Wars collection released by Gulliver in Brazil at the time, but I admit i never saw those bootlegs in the big stores. I would´ve notice it.

  • Darth_Ennis says:

    Excellent blog as always.

    But I just noticed something.

    The figure pictures on the back of the box are different from the figures they released. I haven’t seen many of these but the ones I have seen have slightly different paint jobs.:)

  • Xanadude says:

    The entire set of these, with pictures, is up for auction on ebay. Way too much much $, but the pics are interesting.

  • Clambo says:

    Great blog. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Yeah, I was the high bidder on the auction, but still never hit the reserve. Definitely asking too much. If they value these that much, they will be keeping them themselves for a long time. I know all the big buyers spotted them and were done win the auction hit $300. It ended at $393, with me being high bid. I do know of one other vehicle to surface packaged, and have seen two other equally impressive collections, but this was indeed a nice set. It would appear though that they based their pricing off of ebay seller jgallo. Some of his prices are a running joke in the action figure collecting community, not to mention his Future Warriors have been sitting on ebay for years and years. I spotted his figs on ebay at least four years ago. I guess eventually after a few decades the price will fit.

  • DioRod says:

    First, I apologize for the irregular English: I do not know the language so clear, so I’m using the google translator.

    This line came out many years ago here in Brazil (yes, I am Brazilian), and nowadays you can not find in stores (for a while anyway). These figures were mainly sold in the store network, “Americanas” that was one of the largest in the country (and also selling Secret Wars). Interesting to note that these figures are derived from a collection that enjoyed so much-and especially in a line outside my country!

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