Hal vs. Hal
August 20, 2009

I teased an image in my first blog, one that featured both the holiday Hal Jordan and the recent SDCC Hal Jordan. I had hoped I’d be able to come up with something interesting to write about them. I couldn’t. So I’m just going to throw a few pictures at you and call it a day. Sound good?

Considering all the crap Mattel has received over their holiday Hal Jordan figure, I am impressed that they even bothered to release another Hal, especially a maskless one.

In addition to different logos, the figures also sport a different shade of green on both the suit and ring. 

The new Hal head sculpt is much longer in the neck and face. It looks good on holiday Hal though!


Ham Salad
Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Kevin "Ham Salad" Regalado is a child of the 80's. Getting toys from his favorite childhood toyline, Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters, had a major impact on his collecting mentality; he wanted to get them all, even the different iterations of the heroes. Alas, he was a kid with no money. Once he got money, his toy collecting began in ernest with Kenner's Batman Returns line in 1992, quickly followed by Kenner's Batman: The Animated Series. Thus began his long association with the toys of the DC Timmverse. A self-described uber-completist, he will go out of his way to get one of every item in a toy line, as long as it is newly sculpted or repainted, inlcuding those dreaded industry give-aways. He is drawn to colorful toys, often the same ones in different colors. A late arrival to the internet, he did not surface online until 2002, when he became associated with the Simpsons Collector Sector, where he still moderates to this day. After the World of Springfield line ended, he eventually branched out to other websites, and ended up here at Action Figure Insider. He resides in Oregon with his loving wife who encourages his collecting habits, and a tuxedo cat named Chloe who gets into his stuff.
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  • Batman says:

    Hal’s head looks a little bigger on the GL body than I thought it would. Mine’s still in package. Maybe I’ll just leave it there.
    Sorry if its been mentioned, but how did you get the Holiday Hal?

  • Emerald says:

    “Holiday Hal” was a bad idea. Period. And this blog proves it.

    • Ham Salad Ham Salad says:

      I agree that Holiday Hal was a bad idea. But how does a photo comparison of it and the SDCC Hal prove that?

      • Emerald says:

        Oh, I figured that was the point of the blog… my bad. I’m still surprised how many collectors don’t mind that the SDCC Hal head looks in no way at all like a classic Hal Jordan. Green Lantern without his mask, yeah…..that’s great, but…..
        Thank the toygods for Spy Magician’s contribution though. I was thinking of doing the same thing when I had the chance to get the two test shots of Holiday Hal. I passed because of the price, but I bet Spy will break even.

  • darkknight30 says:

    Ham is that you or a young Ron Jeremy in the picture?

    Love the Holiday Hal figure. Like the Hal Jordan figure. Never realized how long his neck was until the comparison shot. Thanks!

  • xrmc20 says:

    Thanks for the photos.

    I’d love to see a pic of Holiday Hal next to the Sinestro body from the GLC 3-pack with one of Spy’s Hal heads on it. You send me the Holiday Hal, I’ll take the pics and send it back to you. Deal?

  • Richard Grayson says:

    He looks funny without his collar painted green. Apparently Matty thought so too, since in the head-swapping photo on the back of the card, they painted his collar. Way to not show people what they’re getting Matty!

  • Daikins says:

    Just got the Spy head, and I love it. Paint is perfect. Fit is perfect. Everything in the universe is good (except that I don’t have Barda, Deadshot, Volcana, the new 3-packs….).
    Aaargh, this never ends, does it?
    I will say that if you give flight suit Hal one of the Lanterns (got mine for a Kiliwog fig on clearance), it makes the figure so much better. If they ever do a Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, it’ll be a great figure to have. I never gave a crud about Sinestro in the GL outfit, so I’m totally happy to have flight suit Hal, GL Spy head Hal, and Abin Sur.

  • Mattel’s latest Hal is a total fail as a Hal GL. However I much prefer the SDCC GL body. Three cheers for SpyMagician. Savior of the universe!

  • Joe G. says:

    I think the paint jobs and logo on the new three-pack GL bodies look way better than the paint job and logo on Holiday Hal. I can’t wait to get my casts of that head from Spy Magician. And I agree with Daikins that giving flight suit Hal a lantern to hold really elevates the figure to another level.

    Thanks for the comparison photos, Ham!

  • Darren says:

    This makes me sad and happy at the same time!

    I really think mattel dropped the ball on this one in the first place, it made me so angry when i first heard about it. I am happy to get more GL characters, but looking at this I wish the bodies were a little more exact so I too, can do the spy trick! I will anyway. 😉

    Good to see direct side by sides to see how they differ!

  • Oklahoma's Man of Steel says:

    As far as I’m concerned, thanks to Spy, I have Holiday Hal. Even if they made one now I wouldn’t buy it because I already have it! 🙂

  • Thomas says:

    Personally for me all is forgiven with the great Hal cast from Spymagician! 🙂

  • chad says:

    see the pictures shows Mattel is at least trying to make up to fans who are mad over holiday hal and knowing they will never be able to consider their collection complete with out Hal and can never get one since Holiday Hal makes that immpossible.

  • Briggs says:

    I really picked up this pack for the Abin Sur… but I would love to be able to recycle that Sinestro body into Holiday Hal… How does one get a hold of the head cast by Spymagician?

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