Happy Father’s Day
June 21, 2010

Ok so this is one day late, but still relevant. I just wanted to share something for all the AFi dads out there…

Some fathers fish, or hunt with their sons. Others camp, or work on cars, or more sadly, don’t do much of anything together at all. But my own father, he and I always had three things we shared – playing sports, basketball and baseball in particular; a love for the Chicago Cubs, and my collecting of toys.

Now, we have done and shared many other activities together, but the toy collecting really is unique. He never treated my love of this genre as an oddity, or something to be ashamed of, even though it might have been considered immature, odd, or not overly masculine. Throughout my life, he was always there after work to drive me around on toy runs, and share a lazy Saturday afternoon in the enjoyment of the simple pleasure of collecting these childhood mementos. He and I would hunt down the latest G.I.Joe figures at Lionel Playworld, or go search for the latest Masters of the Universe figures at the Toys By Roy shop at the local mall. And on occasion when I would go with him on cross-country business trips, he would stop at every single store near the interstate that carried toys to look for Super Powers and M.A.S.K. And when I wasn’t with him, he would call and ask if I had the specific figure he saw during a solo toy run. And when he returned from every East Coast trip, he would bring back some amazing toy that hadn’t even been released in Arizona yet, much to the amazement of my friends. The times we shared on our various toy adventures are the best memories of my life.

To this day, my Dad still supports my hobby, and through it all, he has never judged me for collecting or liking these kinds of things. He has never asked me to explain why, or make me doubt who I am. And I’ve passed on that acceptance to my own son, who thoroughly enjoys playing with all of these amazing vintage toys from my childhood . We now share in the same joy of toy hunting that my Dad shared with me, and when my parents visit, the three of us always go on a toy run or two. And we reminisce about the various adventures we shared when I was younger.

So to my Father, who has supported this crazy hobby of mine for over a quarter of a century, no matter how silly it was to my family or anyone else – Happy Fathers Day.


Ryan "TheSuperfly" Prast
Current designer, future artist, eternal manchild, Ryan "The Superfly" Prast uses his toynerd acumen to delve deep into the profound nuances of life. With a penchant for tiny plastic men and nostalgia of times past, he also enjoys panelology, obscure cultural references, tomfoolery and/or shenanigans, conspiracy theories, and watching his Cubs flush another season down the toilet. And he always keeps his fork when there’s pie.
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  • bnjmnrlyr says:

    You, sir, are a very lucky man indeed.

    Huzzah to all three generations of ‘Fly

  • Danny CantinaDan says:

    Love that story. Thanks for sharing. Mind if I give your dad a call when I’m going on my next toy run?

  • Shellhead says:

    That’s awesome. My dad was supportive of my comic book collecting hobby, but he tolerates (at best) the toy collecting. I still think he wished I’d taken up golf instead so I could join him on the links. He’s still a great guy, though.

  • Chuckster says:

    The article brought back an old memory. I recall living in Oklahoma and one of my dad’s business associates and his wife were visiting. She saw my mego super hero collection and asked me if I had any of the Star trek figures. I told her no I had not seen them. Then my eyes grew bright as she told me that her sons had Mego Star Trek figures. She was sweet enough to send me a Mr. Spock Mego before they were available in my area.

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