Hasbro Marvel Pannel
July 20, 2013
Abby Pickett
Abby is the better half of AFi co-founder Daniel (Julius Marx) Pickett. She's invisible most of the time because she works in the background providing her expertise in video content pre- and post-production.
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  • Clutch says:

    Great pics as before. I’m at all thrilled with every wave having two different figures act as variants of each other. Especially since there’s a bunch that never made it out this year. Buying online has become a pain because you’re going in blind and retail is a wasteland in the Orange County area as in most other places.

    I understand the need to rebrand MU under the Avengers banner as it makes good business sense from the SKU POV. At least we’re getting characters like the Grim Reaper and Hyperion who aren’t exactly mainstream to general audiences. Time will tell if this helps expand selection or clog the aisles with endless versions of the Big Three. But I’m still weary of Dwight Stall’s need to pack two figures on one card like that. It reeks of of cost-cutting on what should be a solid franchise for Hasbro by now.

  • demoncat4 says:

    nice reveals. and can see why they decided to rebrand the mu into one of their bigger name waves like avengers . plus happy hasbro got around to redoing emma marvel legend figure. though hate now that cloak and dagger my two favorite wants for mu or marvel legends are a varient of each other was it too much to ask they be a two pack instead.

  • mike says:

    Where is the Rogue figure from the Wolverine legends line?

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