Hasbro Marvel Reveals: Legends Infinite & Super Hero Mashers
July 26, 2014

Today at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Hasbro unveiled new toys from their Marvel Legends Infinite Series line, Marvel Infinite Series 3.75-inch line and the Marvel Super Hero Mashers line.


Check out the pics below!



mariahill-turns NickFury-turn  Coulson_turns

Hellcat Spider-Woman Thanos BAF



big time spidey  blackcatbishop

beastgray beast variant sandman variant sandman


jugolossus northstar



330357_001 Wolv 330387_Juggernaut 330388_Whiplash 332332_001 Skaar

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  • demoncat_4 says:

    nice hell cat finaly gets a figure after all this time. and love the brown version of sanman for it makes him look totaly sand. though thanos looks a little bulky plus seems to be missing the infinity gauntlet.

  • Clutch says:

    Lots of surprises here. The 70’s Gray Beast from his Amazing Adventures series brings us so much closer to the classic furry Blue Perez/Byrne version. Fans of 90’s X-Men get the Jim Lee take along with classic Bishop and the Jugolossus, not to mention the long-awaited Northstar. Great to have more Spidey rogues like Sandman and Black Cat, but where’s the Vulture? Thought he’d been announced in the panel along with Shanna.

    Legends is okay, but I’ll only be getting Hellcat and Spider-Woman. Maybe next year will bring us Son of Satan and more Defenders. Heck, I might just see Jack of Hearts in one scale or another before I’m an old man.

    • stewbacca says:

      I thought the Gray beast variant was going to be the AOA version– I don’t need any more 70’s figures- so that’s disappointing- As far as the next wave– Im guessing the only figures they have completed are the ones that were going to be produced previously in “lost” waves..

      • Clutch says:

        Yeah, I went back to the list and realized that there are no pics because the Vulture is part of the second wave along with Shanna, Thunderstrike, Doctor Octopus, Colossus, (I’m assuming this is Jugolossus) Armored Daredevil, (likely to be the 90’s version) and the Northstar variant which never made it out before the switch from Universe to Infinite packaging/branding.

        But I still want a proper Beast from his long tenure with the Avengers. We’re talking 1975 to 1981 here in addition to his leadership of the Defenders in the early to mid-80’s. A simple gray Beast repaint done in dark blue is pitch perfect for this figure, right down to his shorts.

        If we’re also getting a Jim Lee 90’s Beast I’m sure that an AOA one can’t be far behind. Heck, the Morrison feline version made it to retail before any of these other guys. And then there’s the X-Factor non-furry Beast which should have gone into the boxed set. We need him, too.

    • demoncat_4 says:

      hasbro will never do a son of satan figure mostly due to having satan in his name same by putting damien hellstorm on the package to get him out . plus with hell cat out all that is missing really is a nighthawk and gargoyle. for a complete defenders team .

      • Clutch says:

        They did Nighthawk in the Universe/Infinite scale so a Legends figure would make sense. They can also do Gargoyle since he’s a cult favorite with a challenging design. As for Daimon, just slap a “Marvel’s Hellstorm” on a classic-style SOS and call it a day.

        I’m rather bummed about the reduced articulation on the Infinite figures. If there’s anyone who needed it, it’s the Beast! But no waist or thigh joints? This might hurt the line a whole lot more than cancelled slots or lack of availability.

  • foef says:



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