Hasbro’s #SDCC2014 Star Wars Panel – Updated with pictures (in Gallery)
July 25, 2014

We have just updated the AFi galleries with all of the slide photos from this panel. You can check them all out by clicking here!


-A lot of McQuarrie influences

-Hera (the pilot), Sabine (explosive artist) – mandolorian female, two pistols with working holsters


Mission Series 3.75″ figures

Rebels IG-RM & Rebels Cikatro Vizago

Rebels Wullffwarro & Rebels Wookiee Warrior

EP:VI Wicket & EP:VI Biker scout

EP:V Bossk & EP:V IG-88


Saga Legends 3/75″ figures

Rebels AT-DP Pilot & Rebels TIE Pilot

CW Jedi Temple Guard & CW Commander Gree

EP:V AT-AT Driver & CW Pol Koon


3.75″ Vehicles

Rebels Imperial Troop Transport



3.75″ SERIES

ER:IV Princess Leia (Yavin Ceremony)

ER:IV Chewbacca (Yavin Ceremony)

EP:IV Jon “Dutch” Vanders

EP:V Darth Vader (Yoda’s Test)

CW Clone Commander Wolffe (Desert Armor)

CW Captain Rex

CW Clone Commander Doom




EP:II Clone Trooper Sergeant

EP:IV Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise)

EP:V Bossk (articulated jaw)

Jabba’s Throne Room – available for purchase now

EP:V Luke Skywalker & Wampa

EP:V Han Solo & Tauntaun

Emperor w/soft good cloak



Star Wars Command – Create battles. Destroy armies. Green army men play pattern.

CW Clone Clash Battle Pack

EP:III Droid Destruction Battle Pack

EP:IV Desert Escape Versus Pack



TRU – Galactic Battlefield (all packs have a secret reveal when you buy)

TRU – Galactic Ground Assault

TRU – Death Star Command Station (comes with exclusive fig)

TRU -Black Series 6″ Cantina Showdown, 3.75″ Battle of Endor

Walmart – Millennium Falcon

Sam’s Club – Electronic X-Wing Starfighter

Amazon.com – Classic Trilogy Imperial Forces Pack

Target – 12″ 6-pack Heroes & Villains

Target – Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype

Target – 6″ Shadow Troopers (literally SW Black)

Walgreens – 6″ Boba Fett protoype armor


Photos will be up soon!

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  • demoncat_4 says:

    nice to know Bosk and jabba are both getting the star wars black treatment plus a couple two packs two with luke and a wampa who star wars black is perfect for wampa. plus a tantun too and hope that chewbacca comes with a medal at last

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