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February 16, 2019

Starting soon…. check out the page.  We will refresh live with news as it’s announced….


Hasbro Pulse – Hasbro Pulse is a combination of HasbroToyShop.com, Haslabs and the Hasbro Pulse news site.   There will be new items up for preorder today starting at 3:00PM.   If you buy something this week you will get a free Pulse Premium subscripton.




Power Rangers

Shattered Grid and Beyond the Grid BOOM Comics – New comic arc will be “Necessary Evil” with the White Ranger coming to the comic.  Ryan Parrott will be writing.  Daniele Di Nicuolo will be writing starting Issue #40


Power Ranger Lighting 6” collector figures – Their collector line spanning the whole history of Power Rangers.

Showed MMPR White Ranger at Power Morpicon.

Lord Zedd in Wave 1

Dino Charge Red Ranger

SPD Shadow Ranger with Commanger Kogers Head

Coming in April

Tom Whalen illustration on the package.

Wave 1 will be available for preorder today on Hasbro Pulse.


Wave 2 Beast Morpher Red Ranger

Gamestop exclusive this fall – Goldar coming this fall



Fortnight x Nerf


AR-L Motorized Elite Dart Blaster

SP-L Spring Action Dart Blaster

MicroShot single Shot blasters


Super Soaker -Water Blasting Power

Small HC Side arm

TS Pump to Fire

RL Bazooka blaster

On shelf in US in 34 days

Preorder Now on HasbroPulse




Tracer (alt hands)

Lucio sonic blaster

Sombra the hacker(ha

Blackwatch Reyes blast effects for death blossom


Mercy and Pharah 2-pack

Soldier76 and Ana Shrike Skin

Reinhardt (in scale)


New window packaging


Available 4/22


You can pre-order at Gamestop.com NOW!


For Fall – Role Play Masks – Tracer or Gengi




5 Marvel movies this year

2019 is the 80th anniversary of Marvel

Super Hero Adventures – Mega Mightys and Mega Minis

Captain Marvel Role Play


Nothing for Avengers End Game at Toy Fair



AntMan Premium Role Play helmet  – available right now on Hasbro Pulse

New vehicle Ultimate WWII Captain America with motorcycle


Spiderman Legends wave 2

Far From Home Spiderman and stealth suit

Julia Carpenter SpiderWoman



Classic Scorpion (13” long bendy tail)

More to come later on this wave


Avengers Wave 1

Citizen V, Night Hawk, Living Laser, Hercules


Wave 2 – Classic Loki, Union Jack, beta Rey Bill

Team Building – Serpent Society -Rock Python

Shuri from Black Panther



Mystiqie, Infamous Iron Man, Emma Frost black costume

Walmart – Corbus (Black Order 2-pack wth Loki)

Binary From Captain Marvel



Kraven Spiderman 2-pack

Star Force Captain Marvel

Spiderman Homecoming Spiderman (with jacket) and MJ


Amazon 3-pack Brother Hood 3-pack 90’s Magneto, QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch


80 Years of Marvel – Fall Program

Wolverine and Hulk 181 2-pack (classic Hulk) Fan Channel Exclusive

Juggernaught new sculpted helmet(s) Classic Colossus

Classic Captain America with sculpted scale armor – Walmart

Classic Iron Man – alt 80’s helmet

Classic Thor


5 Movie 2-packs

CapAm First Avengers – POW Escape Jacket and Peggy Carter -2pack Amazon Exclusive

Thor: Ragnarock Hela (new head, and with hamer) and Scurge the executioner

Grandmaster with Melting rod and Korg

Avengers Infinity War: IronSpider with arms and Ironman Mk 50 with floating cannons

Antman and Wasp – Ghost and Louis


X-Men Legends

New Deadpool Nerf Riveal gun wth Nerf Chimichanga


Marvel Vintage Figures 2019

Wave of 6 (4 reveals)

X-Factor Cyclops with 2 heads (optic blast head)

Silver Samauri (swords) purple card

Wolverine black costume 90s from issue #1

Dazzler 80s version Headband


X-Force Wave – Guardian, Boom Boom (alt heads bubblegum blowing head) Cannonball (with blast effect), Mr Sinister






Star Wars


Galaxy of Adventures – Wave 3 Kylo Ren, Grievous, Rey

Lightsaber Academy – Motion Tech, smart hilt tech, Bluetooth enabled



Star Wars Celebration 2019 Exclusive – 20th anniversary of Phantom Menace Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Apprentice on throwback 1999 card (later in the main line for summer)

Darth Maul on Throwback 1999 card (and later on Archive card)



Summer wave – Obi Wan, Chopper Ezra, Aphra and droids


Empire Strikes Back – 40th anniversary in 2020 – the return of the Fan Vote


Kenner figures – Retro Collection

6 figures, reproductions – Chewacca, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia, Stormtrooper, Darth Vader

Grand Moff Tarkin – in Re issue of Escape from the Death Star Game on a vintage card back



The Barge – have been produced and are on the water now.  Shipping on March 4th via Fed Ex.  You will get a tracking number – signature will be required

There will be limited quantities available on Ebay to some outside north America


Lando Skiff Guard Vintage Collection figure with new legs Spring Walmart

3pack of Skif Guards Visim, Vedain

Jabba’s Palace with Han solo, Ree Yees, Carbonite block, TaunTaun Head, and Girba Head classic playset packaging.


All new Skiff – scaled to the barge, with stand


HYPERREAL Figures – Darth Vader

Internal metal skeleton

8” scale

Multiple hands

Ep5 Carbonite Freezing Chamber base





War For Cybertron with IDW Comics and upcoming Netflix Series


BumbleBee Movie

G1 Inspired Voyager Class Optimus

Wave 3 – Dropkick

Hightower Constructicon


KSI Boss

Dark of the Moon Optimus

Pre-order at HasbroPulse.com, EntertainmentEarth.com, BigBadToyStore.com


Ectotron available for preorder on Gamestop.com Ghostbusters/Transformers crossover



Siege War for Cybertron Trilogy

Deluxe Wave 4

Autobot Mirage

Autobot Impactor

Jetfire Commader Class

Omega Supreme – Titan Class (comes with Autobot countdown)

Deluxe Wave 3 Redalert

Spinger and Thundercracker

Battle Masters Smashdown and Caiburst


Generations Selects

Red Swoop and Ricochet

Combat Megatron See Now Buy Now at HasbroPulse.com


Celebration of 35th Anniversary of the brand

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