Have Lunch with the Super Hero Squad!
December 8, 2009

 I was on my way to lunch and suddenly in front of me was huge poster of a toy I did not know was coming.  There on the entrance to Burger King was a giant picture of Captain America from the Super Hero Squad.  Apparently, this had completely slipped under my radar.  The big deal about this is that not only do I collect super-hero toys of all types, but I also eat at Burger King about every other day.  I ran in and looked at the Kids Meal display.  They had Captain America and Silver Surfer on the shelf.


I went up to the woman who I always order my lunch from, asked if they had these toys and which one they were giving out.  It was indeed the Captain America toy.  I asked the price.  $1.07.  For $1.07, I could have a Captain America toy.  And that is how I ended up getting an unexpected Captain America toy yesterday.

Burger King

Addition: Last night I was out to dinner with my extended family.  With my 15 year old son sitting next to me I pulled the toy out from my coat pocket. My son said, "That’s cool.  That is kind of exactly what I would expect from you, pulling out a toy I have not yet seen and putting it on the table during dinner."  Then we spent the rest of the night talking about TV shows with my father in law.  (Anyone else watching "White Collar", my new favorite show?)

Pictures courtesy of BurgerKing.com



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