#He-Man Didn’t Make the Cut for the @Mattel 2014 Holiday E-Card
December 23, 2014

Poor He-Man.    Despite being an in-house I.P. and making millions for the company over his 30 year history he STILL doesn’t have the pull necessary to be included in Mattel’s 2014 Holiday E-Card that was sent out today.    All the other Mattel greats are there:

Hot Wheels? – CHECK!

Barbie? – CHECK!

Fisher Price? – CHECK!

New comer Monster High? – CHECK!

Recent acquisition  Thomas and Friends.? – CHECK!

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? …. He-Man?



Even with a series of high profile car commercials this season AND the fact that Mattel is currently producing multiple lines based on the property he’s not big enough to be considered part of the “Mattel Family”?!?!     Maybe if/when his movie comes out your corporate family will let you join in their reindeer games.

Merry Christmas He-man from your collector family.

Daniel Pickett
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  • Eric Nixon says:

    To be fair, He-Man is really more of a MattyCollector IP at this point. These all look to be IP’s you expect to see in the big box chain stores. I’m actually more surprised to not see a WWE wrestler.

  • brett says:

    Yes, thanks for the happy holidays, Mattel.

    Considering you gave all the customers the middle finger, customers who purchased product during your Black Friday sale to give as gifts to family/friends.

    A) You did not have stock for items sold during the sale and did not inform your customers, not at the time of the order or any time later — except to provide an update (without offering alternative options or solutions) on your message board that came too little, too late. What about customers who don’t read your message board, one can only surmise they don’t matter.

    b) Yes, there is Port Congestion issues going on — we are all aware of it. The whole world was made aware of it during a news story printed in the LA Times on 11/26/14 — the very day of the sale. In that news story, reporters advised that many vendors were diverting shipments to other non-affected, non-congested ports so they can make deliveries in time for the holiday. And Mattel, how did they operate through the situation? They didn’t — they have done nothing, provide no updates except that they are waiting for congestion issues to resolve. So while every other store/vendor is using alternative means to satisfy customers, Mattel has done absolutely nothing but sit in wait for it to sort out itself, leaving customers who purchased gifts for the holiday season without their orders — and without the ability to even cancel their non-delivered order.

    c) By the way Mattel has treated all the customers they left in the dark, it has become obvious that customers clearly don’t matter to Mattel, sending an e-holiday card isn’t doing anything for the customers you screwed for the holidays. Yes, DCU is cancelled, you don’t care about that product or the customers who were interested/bought that product anymore. The message is clear and has been received. But if the line failed, it wasn’t due to non-interest but rather than poor, unprofessional service. You were your own worse enemy, Mattel.

    And for those who think I’m being too hard on Mattel? Customers like myself understand delay — when we know about them. Mattel didn’t advise at the time of purchase about stock issues nor did they advise customers until 2 weeks later, once it was too late to do anything about it. Did they divert product to alternative, non affected ports? No. Did they allow customers to cancel orders so they can buy other gifts in place of the stock they can’t deliver? No.

    They did nothing; not to get product out of the affected port like other vendors but more importantly, did nothing to advise customers except for 2 sentances on a msg board that most customers don’t read. No apology email, nothing.

    Happy holidays to you Mattel.

    • Will Magnus says:

      Epic post. Post this everywhere please, Brett. Sad the news sites aren’t paying attention to this the way they should be. Mattel needs to be called out in a big way for the way they’ve handled this, but it’s just puffy news pieces about how we should be empathetic because Toyguru left and the Matty team is in transition.

      • brett says:

        I posted something very similar on the Matty Collector forum page, which I had never visited in my life until one of their cust svc reps informed me that they had no information about when product would ship… but an update was on the forum site. Instead of the rep telling me, they told me to go check the web.

        I’m surprised there isn’t a single news site that has called them out for their callous, unprofessional conduct. Many news sites are quick to jump on the bandwagon about how fans/customers complain but this is completely justified, and unbelievably unacceptable.

        Facts are simple: 1) Port Congestion issues have been going on since the day of the sale as reported in LA Times 11/26.

        2) Mattel order screens never stated the product was out of stock.

        3) Some product made it out to Early Access people and most of those customers sold their Doomsdays on ebay for crazy prices.

        4) No notification email that product would not arrive for holiday delivery and those who ordered for that should be informed so they can buy something else in place of the product they failed to deliver. They put a remark without alternative options or solutions on a msg board many don’t read.

        5) Refusal to cancel orders (?) Who does business like this!!!

        6) As reported in the LA Times, for the past month, vendors have been diverting stock to non affected/non congested ports to meet holiday shipping requirements. What did Mattel do? Nothing. They’re just sitting around waiting for it all to work itself out — for over a month now.

        7) All of this, of course not mid-year or beginning of year but during X-Mas.

        Then they have the audacity to send out X-Mas cards, to who, I don’t know but it was obviously more important to get that holiday message to of course give the illusion they care when in reality, they don’t because poor service is what led to non interest from fans and the end of the line for DCU. Nice way to thank your customers for all their support.

        Mattel = the Grinch Who Stole Christmas

        • Will Magnus says:

          I had a bit of an epiphany last night. My enthusiasm for getting Doomsday has collapsed due to Mattel’s truly incredible bungling of this. I’ll be contacting my credit card company to debate the charge and returning Doomsday once he arrives. The final straw was that I emailed Matty to ask what the shipping protocol was since I ONLY ordered Doomsday. They wrote back and said: we’re still charging you shipping.

          So they’re “extremely sorry” for the delay, but won’t do a thing about it to appease anyone. I defy people to name another online store that would refuse to offer any kind of compensation after such a mess. Too bad you won’t hear any sort of support for the fans on sites like AFI or Fwoosh. All they want are comp items and happy contacts inside the industry.

  • demoncat_4 says:

    interesting to see he-man after all the big fuss mattel did with him for his 30th anniversary and he did put mattel into the boy toys market long ago. that suddenly sorry we forgot you for the card maybe next year.

  • loversf says:

    He-man is not so important, who cares him?

  • SkelelorIsLove says:

    None of this surprises me. The corporate leadership at Mattel is ashamed of He-Man or has no flicking idea how to market the property, if only to older basement dwellers who proudly scoop up $30 figures. Far as I am concerned, these guys are why the line is a overpriced, niche deadend. But for kids today or the average consumer? Screw them, says Mattel. Look what’s been done to breath life back intoTransformers and TMNT and tell me there isn’t money to be had in older IPs….I just don’t get it

  • […] Action Figure Insider noticed something about the 2014 Mattel holiday card that led Daniel to post about the missing brand from the greeting card: Masters of the Universe. Well, with the way He-Man harmed the company way back in the eighties I’m certainly not surprised that Mattel didn’t bother adding He-Man to the card. […]

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