Help Save the Six Million Dollar Man Wave 2!
May 20, 2014


Towards the end of 2013 Zica Toys released the first figures in their 3-3/4″ retro Six Million Dollar Man line. The response was very positive and Zica went to work on a second assortment of figures which includes: Oscar Goldman, two versions of Dr. Rudy Wells, the robotic Mr. X, and Barney Hiller the Seven Million Dollar Man. The figures look terrific and are a great extension to an already very cool toyline.

However, it’s a tough economy, especially in the toy world, and even more so for the small companies. Today Zica Toys owner, Craig Owen, posted the following on Facebook:

Based on the recent preorder numbers I’ve received it looks like the SMDM wave 2 assortment is at risk of being canceled. Considering how well wave 1 did I’m more than a little shocked at the low numbers for wave 2. For a small company like mine projects typically live or die based on preorder numbers.Craig
So, if you  – like me – want to see these figures happen, click on over to your favorite online retailer and put in your pre-order at (both as singles or as a set) or  Together we can help to make these terrific toys a reality!
Jeff Cope
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