Hero Clix Team Building
February 23, 2013

One of thBlack Lightning HeroClixe great things about HeroClix was being able to build a team of whatever characters you wanted. Case in point: I was always disappointed that in the late 70’s Black Lightning had turned down membership in the Justice League of America.

Justice League of America 173

Justice League of America 173

HeroClix gave me the chance to build a team of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Black Lightning and pretend it was an adventure of the Justice League. Yes, years later, Black Lightning did join the team, but the game allowed me to do it earlier than it happened in the comics.

Batman Family

400 points. Batman Family themed. Batman(@100pts), Nightwing, Robin (Damien), Red Robin, Batgirl (Stephanie).

HeroClix has always been a player base of multiple camps. Play to win, using the best combination of pieces(the winning team this year at GenCon was Wasp, Morgan Le Fay, and Scarlet Witch). Recreate classic team ups from the comics (Spider-man and the Hulk). The team you always wished was in the comics (Spider-man as if a member of the Avengers).  Ironic teams (Dr Doom using Mr. Fantastic and the Thing as his underlings).

nu52 Justice League

400 points. Justice League theme. Hawkman, Green Arrow, Firestorm (Jason), Flash (Wally).

Play to win teams have always had an advantage over thematic teams in that they maximize effectiveness while theme teams use the best options available limited to the pieces available for that theme. To ‘balance’ this, thematic play has been given some bonuses. A better chance to choose the map on which you play, a few free dice re-rolls, and sometimes additional team abilities.  These are all good, but I when I build a team I feel more and more led to build a thematic team because I want those bonuses.  Fewer “inspired” teams.  The pictures are all teams I have played recently/

Batman Family with Batwing vehicle.

500 points. Batman Family themed. Batman, Nightwing, the Bat Jet vehicle, Alfred, Batgirl (Helena), Batgirl (Barbara).

500 points.  Started out as Justice League and BOP women, but then I added a few more.

Women of the DC Universe.

Women of the DC Universe. Supergirl(@100pts), Fire, Ice, Huntress, Oracle, Enchantress(@50pts), Star Sapphire(@50pts), Mera.

I can take days to decide. This theme or that. My son looks at pieces and decides what to play based upon the pieces themselves. Are the sculpts interesting. Do the pieces have interesting powers or combinations of powers. He can build a team he is willing to play in half an hour. Occasionally, I will let him help me and the team is built in about a half an hour.

Maul leads a team of random characters.

Maul leads a team of random characters.

And last night. 500 points. Justice League themed. My team was Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg. Until I got there and admitted that who I really wanted to play was Spider-man. So since the points were an exact match, I swapped Spider-man in for Superman and played Spider-man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg. I lost the theme bonuses, but I got to play the characters I wanted.

Spider-man joins the Justice League.

Spider-man joins the Justice League.

Next time, we’ve already decided the teams will be villains only. And only from one universe. I’ve been assigned DC. Sinestro is a leading candidate. This piece, Hush, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy have all done well for me in the past. Going to take another look at the villains in the Superman set, like Livewire, Parasite, and Silver Banshee. I have two versions of Deathstroke I have not used yet. Lots to consider, glad I have a week to mull this over.

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